Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Makeup | Possessed Doll

Happy Halloween! (For Tomorrow)

Hello, today I'm going to show you the makeup and hair I'm planning on wearing for Halloween. Its a great last minute look as I had all of this and didn't need to buy anything new. The items used your most likely to already own otherwise you can purchase them for an inexpensive amount. Hope you enjoy.

First I'm juts going to apply a foundation that's slightly lighter than my natural skin tone to make me appear paler than I actually am. Here I'm using 'Revlon's Photo Ready foundation' in the shade '004 Nude'. I have to admit for my skin type I don't find this to be a great concealer it would suit much better for people with oily skin but it'll do for Halloween. I just loaded 2 pumps onto my hand and blended it in a circular motion all over my face using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

Now just for a slight more coverage I'm applying my holy grail concealer, 'Collection Ever Lasting Perfection', in the shade 'Medium 3'. I just dot this where I have any redness or scaring from blemishes. I don't apply this under my eyes, which you'll find out why later. Again I bland this in using my Expert Face Brush, as I find it gives the best coverage.

Now I just like to powder my face, to set the foundation and concealer. However I don't apply to much of this as I don't want my skin looking overly matte. I prefer my skin to have a dewy look to it. Here I'm using my Collection Pressed Powder in the shade 'Tender Touch 02'.

Now here's why I didn't apply any concealer under my eyes. Taking a white pencil eye liner draw a half circle from one and of your eye to the other, try to keep it around the same size as your eyes to make it look even. Also line your water line. The one I'm using is 'Maybelline's expression Kajal gentle precision eyeliner' in the shade '35 white'. I love this product it applies lovely on the water line, its so creamy and pigmented, and you could do this with one coat.

Then fill in the circle with the pencil and smoothen it out using your fingers. This makes a good base when applying eye shadow. 

Now taking a flat shaded brush here I'm using this one by Real Techniques. Pack on as much white eye shadow as possible don't be shy here, as we want this to be super white. Place it on top of the eye pencil we just did, until you have a consistency your happy with. Then place it on your lid and blend out using a clean brush.

Next take a black eye pencil and lightly draw the outline of the white eye line. Be extra gentle when doing this so is you make a mistake its easy to wipe away. But if you do make a mistake don't worry as this is just a trace line were creating. Do this to both eyes until your happy with the shape.

Then go over the black eye pencil either using a liquid or pen eye liner. I used a pen as I found it easier to get the precision. This particular one is from Seventeen, and its called the 'Make Your Mark Precision Eyeliner Pen'. Once you've completed the outline feel free to add as little or as many eyelashes as you like. I only did a few and made then quite cartoon looking, as I didn't want it to look too perfect. I then lined my upper lash line with the pen very lightly just to make my lashes appear thicker.

Yay! eye's are done now were going to make the stitched mouth. First were going to do the same as we did for the eyes and using the same black eye pencil get the shape your happy with, try and get each side as symmetrical to the other as possible. When your happy with the shape go over the line with your eye liner pen, and add some lines or crosses to look like the stitches.

Finally apply generous coats of your favorite mascara. Be sure to apply lots and if you can/want to apply fake lashes, we want our lashes to appear really 'doll like', I used two coats of benefits they're real mascara. However don't apply any mascara to your bottom lashes as we want them to be as hidden as possible because we've created new ones.

However if you wanted this to be a complete drugstore look I'd recommend 'Rimmel Scandleyes' mascara, this is my favorite drugstore mascara I've tried.

Now what you want to do is take you concealer and apply it to both sides of you lips, this is so we can reshape our own lips to appear more doll like. I then smiled and dabbed this into my lips using my finger and I found it gave a better coverage.

Next using a Red Lip Liner, outline a small set of lips onto of your own. This makes the stitching look a lot more effective, and I think it just looks really cool! Then using the same lip liner rill in the outline. The reason I've used a lip liner rather than a lipstick is because lip liner's have a longer lasting power than lipsticks and we don't want your lips to start disappearing after eating all those sweets.

 Wahoo! Hair time. Were going to create to high bunches. I personally do this because it reminds be of a doll more than anything else I was to do with my hair, but if you don't want to do that feel free to do your hair however you like it. 

First I'm going to brush out all my hair to make sure all the knots are out. Then I'm going to split it down the middle and take each section to the top of my head and tie it off using a hairband.

Your hair should then look like this..

And you should be done. You can wear this look with pretty much anything. I think I'm going to wear it with some tights and a black skater skirt, not sure what top yet though. 

Comment bellow what your going as for Halloween, or let me know if you try to recreate this look.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's in my bag? | College Edition

Hello! Today I am going to show you what is in my College bag at the moment!  I have taken this stuff straight out of my bag (Apart from the makeup) from school so it is exactly what I have in my bag at the moment! Hope you enjoy.
I have tried to put links to any products where I can.

So first off, here is my bag! It is from River Island and it's black with a snakeskin looking pattern and it has Gold hardware.  I love this bag because it's black and goes with everything I own, also it is a great size for college and fits everything in it!

Next are my folders.  At the moment I only use 2 folders for the subjects I am studying but I imagine that soon I will need to purchase another one (as I will have more work oh). These take up one half of my bag. I also have my anthology for English which is full of lovely poems that I have to annotate...

Here I have;
1. Some books that I am reading/studying at the moment (Well I should be..) for English.  These include:  In Cold Blood, The Catcher in the Rye and Frankenstein.
2. An umbrella - for the lovely rain here in England!
3. An old magazine that I am currently using for Media.

Next is my makeup bag.
 I'm pretty sure its from Boots and it is a nice size with roses on it.  Here is what makeup I usually take to school with me:
- Powder/Bronzer Brush (I use this for both at school)
- Foundation Brush

I take it all to school with me because I usually need at least one thing out of the lot, so I thought I may as well take it all haha.. 

Here are a few more beauty products I take with me.
Usually I will take whatever lipstick I am wearing that day, there is usually always a lipgloss somewhere in my bag so I just rely on that one. Also I now take a lipbalm as its colder and my lips get dry in the cold. Here I have:
- Clarins Gloss Appeal Lipgloss in 05 Hibiscus
- Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss in 07 Baby Pink
- Jean Paul Gaultier lip balm in 02

My Pencil Case!
This pencil case is from Paperchase.  In it I have a selection of pens, pencils and other stationary (How interesting!..)

Next some random things!
1. My Purse.  I keep my money and cards in here (I probably shouldn't take this to school as I spend it all on food and hot drinks from the Starbucks at our school...).  This purse is from River Island.
2. Some hair bands and Bobby Pins just in case I get bored of the hairstyle i'm wearing or feel like putting my hair up!
3.  Haha, this popcorn is in my bag because I was trying to make it at school but I haven't managed to find someone let me use their microwave yet.. This packet is from Graze.

A few more random things...
1. Fragrance mist.  I love keeping one of these in my bag for a quick refresh throughout the day.  I got it in New York and every time I smell it it reminds me of New York which I love!  It's called 'Very Sexy Touch'  from Victoria's Secret and I love it so much.
2. Headphones, these are great in college as we are allowed to listen to music a lot.
3. Compact mirror.  Great for quickly checking your face (often when I accidently draw on it..)

 And that's everything!  Except for this random stuff at the bottom of my bag.. A lot of chocolate wrappers. Woopsie - I need to clear this out.

Okay, now thats everything!
Sorry this post was rather long - but I hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful in some way any way.  
Hope you all have a good half term (If you are at school/college).
Let me know if you keep anything different in your school/college bags in the comments.



Hello, tonight I went out to dinner with my family and I thought I'd show you the make up I wore, hope you enjoy.

(Sorry the photos aren't high quality, my camera wasn't charged, but I wanted to show you my makeup before I went out.)

Collection ever lasting perfection concealer
Collection pressed powder | Tender Touch 02
Jean Paul gaultier bronzer
Club works blush

Avon purple haze eyeshadow pallet | 'Black' in crease and outer corner
Front Cover 08/09 | 'Blanc de Blanc' inner corners
Bourjois liquid liner 
Benefit they're real mascara

Rimmel by Kate Moss | 110 (light coat)
Flutter Lip Gloss | Pink


Monday, 28 October 2013

How To | Top Knot

Today I'm going to show you how I create a top knot. I love wearing this on those days whee your running late, or just having a bad hair day. Now I have thin hair and most people struggle to make a top knot with thin hair, but I have a little trick I'm going to share with you.

First I put my hair in a high pony tail, this makes it easier for later. Try using a clear elastic or a hairband that a similar colour to your hair, we don't want to be able to see the band. I find the easiest way to get my hair in a high pony tail is to flip my hair upside down, gather my hair together and the flip it back to secure.

Here's my secret if you have thin hair. back comb your hair but don't be gentle really go for it until your hair looks like a complete mess (don't worry, it'll look fine in the end). Back combing your hair make each layer thicker, adding volume to it in seconds. To keep it in place add a firming hairspray over a volumising hairspray as these hold better and for a longer period of time.

Now you should have a super backcombed ponytail. Now gather this up and I like to secure  it all with a medium sized crocodile clip. But you can use any sort of clip that you find holds your hair best. I sometimes use bobby pins when my hair is feeling extra film but the backcombing sadly doesn't last all day. So a crocodile clip allows me to volumise it throughout the day, buy raising the clip every now and then. 

Finally you can now mess around with it, until your happy with how it looks I sometimes like to clip my fringe to the side with it, or pull a few sections out to frame my face. And you should be done.

This look takes a maximum of 5 mins and is perfect for something that looks like you've spent ages on it and it doesn't. I got a lot of compliments when I first wore it and I love the look of it.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you'd wear this and let me know if you'd try to do this hairstyle in the comments or on show me your recreation of it on Instagram with the #Alarah 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tag | Why Do I Wear Makeup?

Hello! We were tagged to do this by Chelsea from tigerlovebeauty so thank you for tagging us and definitely check out her blog!

1. When did you begin loving makeup?
Sarah | I would say only quite recently I started wearing makeup when I was about 12/13 but not enough to say I loved it, then it was just something I used to make myself look a bit nicer.
Alanah | The same as Sarah, I only really started having more of an interest and loving makeup maybe around a year ago, but I starting wearing it earlier than that. 

2. How do you feel without makeup?
Sarah | Depends where I am and who I'm with, if I was just with friends at one of our houses or something then I'd feel normal, but out in public I'd probably feel quite self conscious. I wish I felt confident enough to go out with a bare face, but I'm sadly not.
Alanah | Again the same as Sarah, with friends at someones house I would feel totally fine without makeup on but if I was out say shopping I would at least have to have a little bit on to feel confident.

3. What do you like about makeup?
Sarah | To me, make is like a piece of clothing without it I feel onside, and I love mix and matching with colours and brands. Using make-up is like a hobby and it just makes me feel a bit better about myself wearing it.
Alanah | I love how many different looks you can make with different eye and lip colors.  I think it's fun to experiment and see what looks best on you, I love applying it and choosing new things to buy.  I also love it because it makes me feel waay more confident by covering up any insecurities and enhancing features like my eyes.

4. Three holy grail items:
Sarah | 1- My forever loved Collection ever lasting perfection concealer
             2- Benefits they're real mascara (makes my lashes look amazing)
 3- Carmex lip balm (my must have for in winter!) 

Alanah | 1 - Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (Only black eyeliner I ever buy!)
2 - Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (Definitely makes me look more awake haha...)
3 - Sephora glossy glosses (I love lipgloss and these are my favourite!)

We tag..
Rachael from allthelittlethingsx
Anna from serendipityhappening
Laura from atouchoftartan
Daniella from simplybeautifulelegant
Laura from lisforladybird

I also tag all of you reading!
If any of you do it be sure to link it in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below your 3 makeup must haves below 

Alanah and Sarah

FOTN + OOTN | Party makeup + Eye look

Hello! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday I went straight from working (late) out to a party so I had absolutely no time! But anyway here is what I wore to a party yesterday and which makeup I wore, including an eye look. So my outfit of the night and face of the night.  Sorry the photos aren't that great, they're the only ones I have!

Dress | Topshop
Shoes |

 Mac select cover up concealer | Shade 'NW25'
 Rimmel Wake me up concealer | Shade 'Ivory'
 Benefit 'hello flawless oxygen wow' foundation | Shade 'Ivory'
Collection pressed powder | Shade '02 Tender Touch'
Jean Paul Gaultier bronzer | (A bit more than usual)

Mac Lipstick | Shade 'Crème cup'
Sephora glossy gloss | Shade 'Maple Syrup'

I decided to recreate the look that I did on my eyes so here is a quick overrun of how I did my eyes. (By the way I have no other make-up on so excuse the skin..)

First I put on a light silver shade from an old eye shadow palette from Next. I used this as a base for my eye shadow.

Second I used my Sleek palette which I mention in a post here (If you would like a review of this let me know in the comments below).  I used the shade 'Thunder' on my crease and the shade 'Noir' on my outer corner.  

Lastly I used the shade 'Pillow talk' (which is white).  I used this on my inner corners and my brown bone for highlighting. 

I also used
Rimmel waterproof eye definer | Shade '261 noir'
Jean Paul Gaultier Brow Definer Pencil | Shade '2'
Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara | Shade 'Super jet black' (But not in this photo)

Here is the finished look!

I straightened my hair using a Babyliss Hair Straightener which is very nice as it comes with 10 different heat settings.  
I used a VO5 Heat Protect Spray and a VO5 Heat Protect Serum

Hope you enjoyed this!
Let me know in the comments if you would like any reviews of anything mentioned in this post
Also let me know your favourite eye look for a party!


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Review

Hello, today I'm going to be reviewing Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation. Hope its helpful and you enjoy.

 I asked in the store for the sample size as I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy the full size bottle, encase my skin reacted badly to it, or just encase I didn't like it. It retails at £28.50. Now this foundation has SPF 10 which isn't too high, but better than none. It claims to stay on for 15 hours, and has a medium but buildable coverage. It also says it has a semi matte finish which I like because I prefer to have a dewy finish to completely matte.

First I'm going to start with a fresh clean face, I was just in the shower so I now have a clean face and also wet hair as I like to leave my hair to air dry. But starting with a clean face allows me to see how the foundation looks on my bare skin. It helps me to make sure the color matches my skin tone, and how well its covers discoloration and blemishes on its own.

I am going to apply the foundation using the real techniques expert face brush, as I find this brush works best for me, I've done a review on it in a previous post, see it here if you haven't seen it already.

When I removed the lid I noticed it came with a small applicator, but i didn't want to use this so I just wiped the excess onto my face..

..and blended it into my skin, the first thing that I noticed was that the lady in the store matched this shade to my skin perfectly, also the coverage wasn't too high so I did build it, because I've been ill lately my skins really taken its toll. Its become very dry and it just needs a bit of help lately, so I needed higher coverage today.


After this I poured the rest of the product I would need onto my hand and blended it onto my face and down to my neck. Its important to also cover some of your neck as this makes sure there's no foundation line on your jaw line.

I first found that this foundation looked stunning on, it matched my skin perfectly and gave a great coverage. I didn't put on any concealer as I wanted to see how the foundation would cope on my skin on its own. I also found I didn't need any concealer the coverage after a few coats is amazing. It covers my dark circles and blemishes nicely so they're practically unnoticeable.

However I did put on a light coat of powder just to control the oils on my skin. So far I really like the look of this foundation on my skin, It feels so light yet gives such good coverage.

I then did the rest of my makeup, and waited to see how it would cope throughout the day. This was then 12:30, so I thought I'd take images later in the day to let you know how the foundation want looking.

This photo was taken at 4:00 and it looks the exact same as earlier if I'm honest I was thinking it would of smudged slightly but it hadn't done at all, it still felt so light and the coverage was still up there, but I could start to see a few blemishes and my dark circles starting to show though so I think if I was to purchase this I would need to use concealer for blemishes and dark circles.

This photo was taken at 8:00 and I have to say this foundation has to be one of the best I've tried. I discovered I would definitely have to use a concealer thought as I've found that the high coverage doesn't last for an overly long time. But it does last a lot longer than a drugstore foundation, I haven't found a drugstore like this so I cant compare. It just makes my skin look beautiful all day, might have to purchase the full size.

Hope you liked the post, let me know what you think in the comments bellow

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