Thursday, 17 October 2013

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Blush or bronzer?
Sarah: Bronzer, I prefer the sun glow look
Alanah | Bronzer aswell, I like to look more tanned and contour with it!

Eye liner or mascara?
Sarah: Mascara, although I am really loving cat eyes at the moment, but mascara just brightens my eyes.
Alanah | Mascara because I think eyeliner without mascara can look a little odd.  Also I have small eyes so mascara helps - I do like my eyeliner too though

Foundation or concealer?
Sarah: Concealer, I find when I use concealer I don't need a foundation
Alanah | Concealer, quite often I will just wear concealer

Neutral or color eye shadow?
Sarah: Neutral, but really wish I could be a bit more daring, just don't think I can pull off colored eye shadow
Alanah | Neutral but sometimes I like to add a little bit of color in with the neutral (like dark purples and dark greens)

Long or short?
Sarah: Definitely long, I love my nails to look long and healthy
Alanah | I like it when my nails are just longer than my finger, so fairly short but fairly long.  However my nails don't really grow much (so I have no choice) :(

Acrylic or natural?
Sarah: Natural, I had acrylic nails on for my prom and they killed my nails, hated it!
Alanah | I've never actually tried Acrylic, they look nice but I think I'd prefer natural so i don't damage my nails!

Brights or darks?
Sarah: Depends on the season, bright for summer and dark for winter
Alanah | Same as Sarah, however I also like brights in Winter - so probably brights I suppose

Perfume or body splash?
Sarah: Definitely perfume, it just last longer on my body
Alanah | Yeah perfume too, but I like body splashes/sprays to take out with me

Lotion or body butter?
Sarah: Body butter, I get super dry skin and I find body butters to be more moisturizing
Alanah | I prefer body butter however it takes me ages to put on so I probably use Lotion more. (Apart from the Soap and Glory body butter which I use all the time)

Body wash or soap?
Sarah: Body wash, because they smell so much nicer than soap, also I'm currently using a glittery one! (Gok Wan)
Alanah | Definitely body wash, I barely use soap - I love citrusy scents for body washes too.

Jeans or sweat pants?
Sarah: Jeans when I'm out but for when I'm just at home I'll live in joggers
Alanah | Jeans, but the same as Sarah I wear like yoga pants a lot at home and they're so comfy to lounge

Long sleeve of short?
Sarah: I don't really mind, more depends on the weather if its cold then long sleeve, and if its hot then I'd rather wear short sleeve
Alanah | I'd say short sleeve but only because I think the styles of short sleeved tops are nicer

Dresses or skirts ?
Sarah: I don't wear either often unless its a party, but I'd have to say dress out of the two
Alanah | Dresses but like Sarah I don't really wear them unless it's a party or special occasion.

Scarves or hats?
Sarah: Hats! I love hats and have loads
Alanah | Everyone tells me that hats suit me so I love them but I never have the guts to wear one out, but I love scarves too so i'll have to save scarves.

Studs or dangly earrings? 
Sarah: Probably studs, most dangly earrings just annoy and always feel really heavy on my ears
Alanah | Um, lately I've been wearing more dangly earrings, I like feather earrings because they are light. (But I also like studs ah)

Necklaces or bracelets? 
Sarah: Necklaces, especially statement necklaces, they just bring an outfit together
Alanah | Necklaces, I barely ever wear more than one bracelet if any aha.

Heels or flats?
Sarah: Flats, because I have really small feet (3/4) it makes heels really painful for me to stay in for any longer than 2 hours
Alanah | I love wearing heels with dresses (to parties) but other than that, always flats

Topshop or river island?
Sarah: Topshop, I just prefer their clothing
Alanah | Topshop, I find so much in there that I want compared to River Island

Abercombie or Hollister?
Sarah: Hollister, only because I go in there more often
Alanah | Well I'm just going to add in Gilly Hicks and say that, because that's my favourite :) But Hollister because there is one nearer

Curly or straight?
Sarah: Curly, I find it gives my hair more volume and texture
Alanah | Oooh I can never decide, I like to mix my hair between them really.  I think I like curly more however when my hair is straight it does look longer!

Bun or ponytail?
Sarah: Bun, I think you can make buns look really effective and you can have them messy or tight, depending on the occasion
Alanah | Ponytail because I like when it swings around, and my buns always fall out aha

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Sarah: Bobby pins, stay better in my hair even though I loose them everyday
Alanah | Bobby pins, I tried butterfly clips the other day and they really don't work in my hair because it's so thick

Long or short?
Sarah: Long, I'm currently growing my hair out and its getting quite long, I'm also trying to keep it healthy so I'm trying out a lot of new treatments (let me know if you want reviews on them)
Alanah | Longggg, I'm trying to grow it longer 

Light or dark?
Sarah: I would probably say light but I don't really like bleach blonde hair just a middle caramel color is my favorite
Alanah | Light for me, I really want my hair to be lighter - maybe a dark blonde type of color

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Sarah: Side swept, I used to have full bangs and they just didn't suit me at all
Alanah | Side swept, I also used to have full bangs/fringe and I hated it

Up or down?
Sarah: Down, especially in winter to keep your neck and shoulders warmer
Alanah | Down, I barely ever wear my hair up unless it's really hot

Summer or winter?
Sarah: Summer, because I'm always cold, but I do prefer winter clothes
Alanah | When it's Summer I say I prefer Summer, but when it's Winter I say i prefer Winter.  But probably Summer because I absolutely love the beach when its hot

Fall or spring?
Sarah: Fall, because I love Halloween (so excited!)
Alanah | Fall apart from my birthday in Spring 

Chocolate or vanilla?
Sarah: I am literally a chocoholic, and eat way to much of it
Alanah | Chocolate, I've had so much today and we have chocolate cake downstairs, wooooopsie

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