Monday, 14 October 2013

Autumn Haul | Primark, Miss Selfridge, New Look, River Island etc.

This is my Autumn haul, its everything I've bought in around the last 2 months, I've worn alot of these already and thought it may give some of you some inspiration of what to buy for Autumn of Winter.

 1 | This is a Christmas jumper that Alanah has matching to me, its from the men's section, (and yes the nose does stick out of the jumper).

2 | I love this blouse, its my new favorite, and I love collars so there may be a few throughout hauls i do! This Blouse just fits really nicely and it comes in loads of different colors if you don't like navy

3 | This was probably my most recent purchase and I love it but with this i would recommend buying it in a size bigger than what you are because it does come up quite tight.
4 | Again me and Alanah have matching of these, this bobble hat is also from the men's section and they have a lot of different designs for it, they did have one that looked like a Christmas pudding I might have to go back and get.

These leggings were kindly given to me from my mum (bless her!) they are a tartan design (which is very in for winter) and I've surprisingly worn them a lot since i was given them, they're so comfy and i love the color (navy and green). They are from Matalan.

Both these jumpers are from Miss Selfridge.
1 | Red Jumper - This jumper is knitted and slightly cropped, its very baggy and looks lovely on people with all different body shapes.

2 | I saw this top in the sale and it reminded me of a quilted jumper that's for sale at the moment for around £40, the only difference with this jumper is that its slightly cropped but I purchased it for only £15, which compared I thought wasn't expensive at all.

 Ohhh look! another collar...
This blouse is from new look, and i first spotted it because the collar reminded me of minnie mouse, its very floaty and fits very nicely on. I also love how the sleeves and pocket match the collar.

These black high wasted jeans are from River Island and I been looking for high wasted jeans for a while to wear with my cropped tops, and River Islands jeans are very similar to Topshop's they dont feel like jeans they feel like leggings and I've worn these to death already, may need to get another pair!.
Finally my last purchase was this cropped jumper from h&m, and its perfect for winter to wear with highwasted jeans or leggings, the jumper it knitted so keeps you nice and warm and the back of the jumper is longer so it covers your bottom if you want to wear it with leggings, they also have this jumper in black and other patterns.

Hope you found this helpful

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