Sunday, 20 October 2013

Smokey Eye Look (incorporated purple) | Perfect for Halloween

So if your thinking of sporting a smokey eye look this autumn, I thought I'd show you how to add a bit of color into your look, I added purple as i thought it would be a nice touch for Halloween. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you'd like to see more of these tutorials.

(apologies for the bad hair day, rocking the top knot!)

First to give my skin a really flawless look, I apply foundation. I've been loving this one by No7. I find it really brightens by skin while giving it a great coverage.

I like to apply my foundation using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I've reviewed as you can see here: Brush Review. I really love this brush for any foundation I've tried it with, as your really able to buff the product into the skin, helping you get the best finish from your foundation.

Then the fun part, the eyes!

I first used a bright white color as the base, to really brighten the rest of the colors i'll be using in this look.

Today I decided to use this No7 palette I got a while ago and only just really rediscovered it. I chose the lightest color from this pallet and dusted it all over the lid, using the Real Techniques flat shader brush (which I used for all these eye shadows). 


Next to get the smokey effect as well as the purple I've used this palette from avon in the shade purple haze.

1 - First I started to as then black shade in my crease and outer corners, the trick when doing to is to add and small amount then with a clean shading brush blend out any harsh lines. This does take some practice and in all honesty I'm no professional and mess this up all the time, but I enjoy practicing it, and practice makes perfect.

2 - Next I add this deep purple/cranberry color in the center of my lid and blend it out. This i found helped remove the harsh lines and you only need a very small amount for this, remember you can always add on top, but cant always take off.

3 - Now just to add more of a pop of color, I decided to add this lilac color just below my water line, I found this definitely made the look a bit more festive and colorful.

Then for the eyes I decided to add a cat eye effect, with my favorite liquid eye liner from Bourjois. I love this liquid eye liner and find it easy to use on myself, I am able to get the correct shape I want as the tip of the brush applicator is very thin. But by all means use what works best for you weather that's, a pen, pencil, gel, or liquid liner.

Finally to finish off I like to follow up with a few coats of my favorite mascara by benefit, it't the they're real mascara and its defiantly the best one I've ever tried, even though you could probably find one just as good in the drugstore.

Your eyes should be looking like this or similar

Now for the rest of your face.

First to remove any fallen shadow and discoloration that may still be showing through from your foundation. I use the Collection Ever Lasting Perfection concealer. When I already have product on my lower lash line, I find it easier to apply the concealer with my fingers, this way I can stop the product getting near my shadow.

To then get rid of any shine and to keep the rest of your makeup in place, I apply the collection pressed powder, and I'm in the shade 2 (tender touch). I mainly focus this on my forehead and nose , as I still like a dewy finish to my skin.

I apply my powder using the Clinique powder brush, I've been loving this brush lately as it feels really light on your skin and doesn't pickup to much product. 

Then to contour my cheekbones I use the Jean Paul Gaultier bronzer, I think this is a great bronzer for contouring as its a matte bronzer so it doesn't make the shadow you create all glittery, and secondly it's the perfect consistency of bronze, not to orange and not to brown.

Lastly I like to add just a coat of lipgloss, by all means add a lipstick, but I found because we have alot going on with the eyes, I wanted to keep the lips nice and simple. I used the Flutter lipgloss in the shade 'Pink' and I love these lipglosses they're not sticky all and leave your lips lovely and glossy with a touch of sparkle.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial, let me know if you'd like to see more of these in future posts.


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