Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Favourite Nail Polishes | Autumn/Fall edition

Hello! I know these colors don't look very Autumnal at first glance, but as I enjoy wearing colorful things, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite nail polishes which are actually rather Autumnal colors if you think about it!
 I have tried to pick some that you may not have seen or tried before in hope you may pick them up and give them a go!
 Hope you enjoy. 
 Also I'm not sure whether I say nail varnish or nail polish.. so there may be a mixture in here haha.

Kiko 'nail lacquer' in '372'
This is a creamy type color with a slight purple undertone.
  I love wearing this color because it comes out very strongly and looks natural on the nails but still a pretty color.  
The kiko nail lacquers are actually amazing and you only need one coat. 
 I have a few colors and they all work perfectly without chipping for a while. 
 My nearest 'Kiko' shop is in Westfield - London so if you're not sure where yours is then look it up.  They are also fairly cheap - around £4.

Revlon 'nail enamel' in 'Butterfly'
I love oranges in the Fall because it reminds me of halloween and leaves.
  I do wear this color all year round however I prefer it in the Autumn.  
This particular nail polish is a mini size as it came in a set (with the one below) and I love the color. 
 The orange is not too bright and it is fairly dark but still adds a bit of color to your outfit.  Perfect for halloween too!
  I do need a couple of coats of this nail polish but after that and a top coat it tends to stay on pretty well. 
 You can buy these (full sized) for just £4.49 at Boots.

Revlon 'nail enamel' in 'Moss'
This nail polish is the same as the one above but a different color. 
 I love this color because it is quite unique and definitely perfect for the Fall.  
It looks very pretty with darker outfits and I often like adding a clear sparkly nail varnish over the top because this looks very different and pretty.
  This color also reminds me of leaves in Autumn. 
 Just like 'butterfly' you can buy these full sized in Boots for just £4.49.

Avon 'Nailwear Pro' in 'Sequined Turquoise'
I got this nail varnish last christmas and have only just rediscovered it and started to wear it. 
 I love wearing sparkly nail varnishes in the Fall and Winter because I think they go with a lot and to me they look magical (like christmas)!
 Haha, I love christmas. 
 I think the dark turquoise color is  a good color because it is not christmas yet and thats when I get out the Red's and Gold's! 
I need a couple of coats of this nail polish but it looks very pretty and strong after 3 coats so I would recommend doing that. 
 These are very cheap from Avon - probably about £2-£3, I love Avon products and also they make very good christmas presents (I know its not christmas yet but still...) 

All About Nails 'Nail Polish' in 'Caribbean Coconut'
Now by the name this sounds like a pretty Summer color.. which it sort of is I suppose.
  But I think that light pinks look very pretty in Autumn too because they are soft and fairly neutral. 
 The brand of this nail polish is only found at Tesco I think, but I got it for my birthday and I really like the color
.  To get a strong color I use about 3 coats which can take some time, but I think its worth it.  This also looks pretty with glitter on top as it is subtle. 
 I think these are about £1.50.

Thank you for reading!
What are your favourite Nail Varnishes for Fall/Autumn?


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these brands and all opinions are my own.

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