Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's in my bag? | College Edition

Hello! Today I am going to show you what is in my College bag at the moment!  I have taken this stuff straight out of my bag (Apart from the makeup) from school so it is exactly what I have in my bag at the moment! Hope you enjoy.
I have tried to put links to any products where I can.

So first off, here is my bag! It is from River Island and it's black with a snakeskin looking pattern and it has Gold hardware.  I love this bag because it's black and goes with everything I own, also it is a great size for college and fits everything in it!

Next are my folders.  At the moment I only use 2 folders for the subjects I am studying but I imagine that soon I will need to purchase another one (as I will have more work oh). These take up one half of my bag. I also have my anthology for English which is full of lovely poems that I have to annotate...

Here I have;
1. Some books that I am reading/studying at the moment (Well I should be..) for English.  These include:  In Cold Blood, The Catcher in the Rye and Frankenstein.
2. An umbrella - for the lovely rain here in England!
3. An old magazine that I am currently using for Media.

Next is my makeup bag.
 I'm pretty sure its from Boots and it is a nice size with roses on it.  Here is what makeup I usually take to school with me:
- Powder/Bronzer Brush (I use this for both at school)
- Foundation Brush

I take it all to school with me because I usually need at least one thing out of the lot, so I thought I may as well take it all haha.. 

Here are a few more beauty products I take with me.
Usually I will take whatever lipstick I am wearing that day, there is usually always a lipgloss somewhere in my bag so I just rely on that one. Also I now take a lipbalm as its colder and my lips get dry in the cold. Here I have:
- Clarins Gloss Appeal Lipgloss in 05 Hibiscus
- Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss in 07 Baby Pink
- Jean Paul Gaultier lip balm in 02

My Pencil Case!
This pencil case is from Paperchase.  In it I have a selection of pens, pencils and other stationary (How interesting!..)

Next some random things!
1. My Purse.  I keep my money and cards in here (I probably shouldn't take this to school as I spend it all on food and hot drinks from the Starbucks at our school...).  This purse is from River Island.
2. Some hair bands and Bobby Pins just in case I get bored of the hairstyle i'm wearing or feel like putting my hair up!
3.  Haha, this popcorn is in my bag because I was trying to make it at school but I haven't managed to find someone let me use their microwave yet.. This packet is from Graze.

A few more random things...
1. Fragrance mist.  I love keeping one of these in my bag for a quick refresh throughout the day.  I got it in New York and every time I smell it it reminds me of New York which I love!  It's called 'Very Sexy Touch'  from Victoria's Secret and I love it so much.
2. Headphones, these are great in college as we are allowed to listen to music a lot.
3. Compact mirror.  Great for quickly checking your face (often when I accidently draw on it..)

 And that's everything!  Except for this random stuff at the bottom of my bag.. A lot of chocolate wrappers. Woopsie - I need to clear this out.

Okay, now thats everything!
Sorry this post was rather long - but I hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful in some way any way.  
Hope you all have a good half term (If you are at school/college).
Let me know if you keep anything different in your school/college bags in the comments.


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