Friday, 18 October 2013

Bath bomb review

So normally my favorite bath bombs are from Lush, but I wanted to have a bit of a change, so i decided to try this one from a shop local to me called, 'Chickadee'.

This bomb just smelt incredible, it was in the scent 'very berry' and was a fruity autumnal scent. I was also very fascinated from the look of this bomb, it had remains of dried berry within it which i thought would be lovely to have surrounding you in the bath.

When I first placed this bomb into the bath it took a while to react with the water and to actually start to fizz, i also found it didn't spread as much as the lush ones do. So i was at first a bit disappointed with it. Also as the dried berry started to disperse they didn't look as nice as my expectations. They actually became quite annoying and were just a bit pointless to included. 

However once all of the berry had dispersed I decided to see how moisturizing this product was, to i broke the bomb and rubbed it into my skin, and i found it to really leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed, it also left it smelling beautiful. 

So after everything I would defiantly consider buying this product for how it left my skin. I infact didn't even need to moisturize my skin after coming out of the bath (I still did because i have super dry skin and didn't want to risk leaving it to get all dry.) However I would not buy one with the dried fruits or one with any of the extras that some have, because i think i do definitely prefer them plain. 

Overall I would rather choose a lush product over a different one, because i find because lush specialize in baths and soap products there formulas are better for your skin and just in general.

I appoligise for this very short post, there will be a much longer one tomorrow.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, i am not affiliated with this brand in any way 

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