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bareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit | Review

Hello, today I'm going to be reviewing the bareMinerals 'get started complexion kit'. I received this as a gift from my dad quite a while ago and thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you.

 To start, this is what the packaging looks like, I actually think they've changed the packaging now, but I like this one, its lasted well not broken, just covered in makeup. The box is made of cardboard, this makes it light if you were going to a friends or out and wanted to take this, i'd be light to carry. It also easily closes, and stays closed, I hate the boxes that are difficult to shut, and when you eventually do shut them, the open throughout the day.

The back of the box talks about the products inside, it mainly consists of talking about the 'perfect foundation', and also gives you figures of what other women say about bareMinerals. I like that it talks about both of these. As if you were buying the product you'd want to know a bit about it and what other people think of the brand.

I also like how there are 'before and after' images of women wearing the products. This gives you an idea of what they coverage is like, and what the products able to cover.

On both sides of the packaging it discusses each individual product. This allows you to know what the package contains, what your getting for your money, and what each product is used for. I find it useful it include images of the products it lets us see what the products will look like. This also includes the shade of each product, so if you wanted to later buy a single product from this kit, you know what color you used before.

This is what the product looks like when you first open it. (This does also come with a DVD to tell you about the products, but I seem to have misplaced this, but it's okay as I already watched it once, so I know what it included.)

This kit comes with 3 brushes each used for a different purpose.

1 - the flawless face/application brush

 This brush is made for a light coverage. At the tip of the brush each hair on the brush is very thin and sparse, with it being dense at the other end, making the brush not pick up much product. I usually use this for the powder. However if I was having a good skin day, I'd probably use this product to apply the foundation as well. 

However I like to use this product for powdering as it still makes your skin appear dewy and not very matte, while controlling the oils on your skin which I like.

This brush alone is £19 which is quite pricey alone but it is included in this kit, which is great seen as it is an award winning brush.

2 - full flawless face brush

 This brush is my personal favorite of the three, it is used on all the same products as the flawless face brush, however the hairs on it are much more dense and the brush is slightly smaller, allowing it to pick up a lot of product. The hairs on this are very smooth on the skin and it applies product beautifully.

I liked to use this to apply the foundation, I apply the foundation in a circular motion as I feel this gives the nicest finish to your skin. I would not use this brush to apply a powder as it will make your skin look very matte which I personally don't like, but if you do then by all means use this brush.

This product is a best seller of bareMinerals, and it comes at a high price of £24. But I love this brush and would highly recommend it if your looking for a brush that gives you a high coverage.

 3 - full coverage concealer brush

This brush is amazing for blending in any concealer. It looks and feels a lot like a mini flat foundation brush and it gives you a really high amount of coverage. The hairs of this brush are extremely thick and smooth and it feels so lovely and gentle against the skin.

The brush is a nice size and can cover up any blemish or discoloration you may suffer from. The allows you to easily brush or dab (depending on what works best for you) on whatever your trying to conceal.

This brush costs £14 but I have to say it defiantly feels expensive on the skin, and gives a high amount of coverage.

The kit comes with four different products, which are all different.

1 - Foundation

 This product has to be my favorite in the kit, and one that I will be repurchasing. This foundation is incredible. At first I didn't think I would like a powder foundation but its actually really good. The foundation does a really good job on coverage, depending on which brush you decide to use. But what I really love about this product is that, as I suffer with sensitive skin and a lot of products tend to not agree with my skin. This doesn't irritate my skin, it feels light and like I have nothing on my face, but the coverage of a foundation is like any other foundation you would normally get.

The tub of these products are great as you just have to twist the product and pour out whatever amount of product you need into the lid, it helps you save as much product as possible and as these are all powders the don't end up going everywhere.

This foundation costs £25 which isn't too bad compared the price of some other high end foundations, this is totally worth it, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.

2 - Bronzer  

 I find I done use this product enough. I do actually really love it. But with most bronzers I use them to contour my face, and when contouring you don't want to use a shimmery bronzer as this will take away from the shadow effect. However this product is great for a 'sunkissed' look, it appears very natural on the skin and bland beautifully. The color pay off is great and its a nice consistency of bronze.

Again this product has the twisted applicator so you done end up using too much, but especially with this product, less is more, and a little goes a long way, so you don't need to much when applying this.

If you were to purchase this product separately it would cost £19 and its now called the 'warmth all over face color'.

 3 - Concealer
 This product is amazing at covering blemishes, however I would not recommend this product for dark circles. Although this product is made for hiding dark circles, as it has now been named 'well rested eyes'. But I found using a powder concealer made my dark circles look more noticeable  my dark circles may just be super dark, or this may be the wrong color for my skin tone, but I didn't like how it made my under eyes look.

However this concealer is amazing for hiding blemishes, not only does it hide them, but this product is healthier for your skin over a ordinary concealer. It doesn't make the blemish any worse by coating it in makeup. It just hides it until its gone on its own.

To show you how well this product conceals, I desided to do..
 The concealer test

So here I have shown you how well this product hides the mark of a marker pen, it actually does a great job, this is after only 2 coats (using a dabbing motion).

This product is £19 which is quite a lot, and I honestly don't know if its worth that amount when you can get something a similar price that your also able to use under your eyes in benefit or even the drugstore.

 4 - Mineral Veil (Powder)

I actually really like this product, but I've sadly almost ran out, its a setting powder for the rest of the products. It feels so light and gentle, as you can hopefully see by the photo of the product on the lid, the powder is much more fine over the others. If your looking for a very light powder I would defiantly recommend this one.

Unfortunately if you wanted to buy this product it is £20, which is pretty expensive but it is an excellent product, but it more depends on how much your willing to spend on a powder.

Overall I love this box and if you'd rather purchase all these products rather than them separate its £49 but they have replaced the concealer with a primer, which I wouldn't mind as I don't personally think this is a great concealer compared to even some drugstore ones. The products in the box come to a value of £108 so you do save a lot of money purchasing this. I think I would recommend this if your skin doesn't agree with many products as I found it worked well for me.

Comment bellow if you've tried anything from bareMinerals and what it was like, or if not what you'd like to try

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