Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OOTD | Rag Week Day 3 | Initials

 Hello, today for Rag week the day was to dress as something that begins with the first initial of your name. As we have different initials we didn't go as the same thing.

Sarah | Satan                                                                         Alanah | Angel/Ancient Greek

Sarah | I wore these red devil ear from the Debenhams party section, the costed £1.69, so they were quite a bargain.
Alanah | I wore a golden wreath.. at first I was meant to be an Angel but then I realised that Angels don't wear these - its Ancient Greeks so I went as both! This was also from the Debenhams party section for about £2.29 I think.

Sarah | I wore these leather look leggings (not real leather) from Topshop, I purchased these last year so they are currently not in stock anymore.
Alanah | My grey leggings are from River Island and I got them in a 2 for £25 deal. Although I'm not sure if the deal is still on - you can find these here for £15 a pair!

Sarah | As it was very cold today I wore a red jumper, this is actually my sisters that she let me borrow, its from New Look, its super baggy and cosy, but unfortunately it is no longer in stock, sorry!
Alanah | I wore this 1/2 length sleeve top from Topshop as it was white and I thought it looked fairly Angel/Greek-ish for a casual look. You can find this here for £24. (Also my necklace is from Dorothy Perkins)

Sarah | I decided to wear the same leather jacket as yesterday, which we posted about and you can see it here
Alanah | I didn't have a white jacket to go with my look, so I just had to bring my coat which sort of spoiled my outfit a bit so I tried to wear it as little as possible (but it was freeeezing!) This coat is from H&M but they don't sell it anymore as I got it last year.

Sarah | Sticking to the red and black theme I decided to wear these black vans, which are surprisingly still quite clean, compared to my white ones at least, aha!
Alanah | Once again... I wore my converse as they are my only white shoes.  Should probably change up my shoes a bit more! You can find them here.

Thank you for reading, we hope you liked our outfits. As you can see - we didn't go all out for this one but it was nice and comfy so thats a plus!
We have done OOTDs this week on Monday and Tuesday for Rag week so you can check them out.  We will also be doing OOTDs tomorrow and Friday so look out for them! 
Tomorrow we are dressing up as 'characters'.

Alanah & Sarah

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