Thursday, 21 November 2013

OOTD | Rag Week Day 4 | Characters

 Hello, today was 'Character Day' for Rag Week, it was also our friends birthday, so us and our friends all decided to go as Disney Characters. We purchased our onesie's from Ebay, view them here, they also have other Disney designs.

Sarah | Winnie the Pooh                                                                              Alanah | Eeyore

Sarah | Again I wore my double tongue white converse (view similar ones here)
Alanah | Today I wore my light blue converse which were pretty much exactly the same 
color as my onesie so that was helpful! I can't find these online but that's probably because I got them in America maybe.

Here is a few photos from today of us and our friends in onesies!

Thank you for reading, we hope you like our outfits! We have also done posts this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so make sure to check those out.  Our last day of rag week is tomorrow and the theme is 'time warp' so look out for that tomorrow if you like! 

I wore this under my onesie - that counts!

Alanah + Sarah

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