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October Favourites! | Alanah's

Hello! Today I am here with some of my favourite products and things during October.  I have a mixture of Fashion, Beauty and Random things to show you.  There isn't loads but they're just a few things I would recommend trying and that I have recently (re)discovered.

I have tried to link any items I can.  Hope you enjoy!


TRESemmé hair products
So this month I have been using 3 different TRESemmé hair products in the shower.  They are:
- TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Shampoo | For dry or dull hair
TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Conditioner | For dry or dull hail

First off I would like to say that using all your hair products from the same brand really does seem to make a difference.  
They really work well together to make my hair lovely and soft.  
The shampoo and conditioner are what I use on a daily basis (well.. every other day) and I usually do 2 washes of shampoo (but thats just because I have thick hair).

My hair isn't actually dry or dull (apart from the ends) but it usually gets a little limp, and sometimes a little dry but after one use of the shampoo and conditioner it really showed a difference on my hair.
Another plus is that these 900ml bottles last for ages!

I usually use the heat mask about once a week, however you can use it more often if you like.
The texture of this is like a thick conditioner (When using this you do not need to use conditioner also).
On the pot it says to keep it in for about 5 minutes but I usually do about 30 minutes because I like to go and watch something whilst its on.
This has definitely been improving my hair and I can see a massive difference in the ends of my hair from where they were heat damaged. 
If you would like to see a full review of this, comment below!

Sephora Glossy Gloss | 04 Maple Syrup
I bought this lip gloss last year when I went to Italy on holiday, I love the Sephora own brand and I own 3 of these lipglosses now!
I lost this lipgloss and have recently found it in my coat pocket from last year haha, so I was very happy to see it.
I love the color of this to go over a lipstick (such as the one I will show you next) as it doesn't give too much color but it creates a warm tone to the lips which I think is lovely for the Autumn.
The sparkles are also very pretty and its nice a moisturising, not too sticky!

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick | Perfect Rose 18
I am wearing this lipstick almost every day recently, I think it is perfect if you want to try a bit of a darker lip but don't want to go straight in for the really dark colors. 
I got this ages ago but they do still have similar shades (Just with nicer packaging!) if you would like to have a look.
The texture is very nice a goes on smoothly, so this is my absolute favourite lipstick for the moment, I want to try and get a darker one soon though!

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette | Ultra Mattes v2 Darks
So.. I have mentioned this palette a few times before.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I love it sooo much! The colors are perfect for Autumn and look great mixed in with some neutral colors.  
I mentioned this in my Mini Makeup Haul a couple weeks back where I go into a little more detail.
Soon I am going to be doing some eye looks with this palette as I think there are so many combinations.
I have been using at least one color from this palette every day since I bought it (well.. days I wear makeup).
I definitely recommend picking this up, or any of the Sleek palettes as they are great value for money.

Calvin Klein One Shock | For her
I got this perfume last year for Christmas so it always reminds me of Winter when I wear it.  I wore it less during the Summer as I prefer body mists in the Summer as opposed to perfumes.  
So recently I have rediscovered this and I am wearing it every day again!
It is a big bottle (200ml) so it is lasting forever which I love.
I love the scent of this perfume as it is not too strong but you can definitely still smell it.  I'm not sure how to describe it but you can see a description here.
Definitely recommend this perfume it's beautiful!

Simple Face Products | Kind To Skin
I have used the Simple kind to skin toner for quite a while now but have only recently picked up the cleansing lotion that goes with it.
I have to say (like the shampoo and conditioner) using the same brand really makes a difference.
The 2 work perfectly together and definitely make my skin feel softer and together they remove all of my makeup.
The toner is not greasy at all and feels very refreshing on my face.
If the cleanser gets in your eyes at all it doesn't sting which is nice (but I would still recommend washing it out haha..)
Definitely recommend these 2 products!


Statement Necklaces
Absolutely love wearing these with big chunky jumpers as a lot of mine are quite plain and a necklace definitely helps to add something to the outfit.  You can also get these quite cheap which is great and they can definitely change an outfit from what it would look like with a different necklace.
I am trying to add more statement necklaces to my collection for the Winter!


Graze Snack Boxes!
I used a code I got through with my Boohoo order a while ago to order myself a free Graze box.  These are boxes that come through your door and you can choose for them to come Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.
I get mine Weekly as my first and fifth boxes were free so I decided to give it a go.
They are full of healthy but tasty snacks which you can rate online with bin/try/like/love to let them know what you want in your box.
Some snacks include;
- Olives (different flavours)
- Dried fruit mixtures (often with chocolate/mini cookies)
- Flapjacks and Brownies (My favourites...)
- Crackers/Oat Bakes with different dips and chutneys.
- Nuts and seeds (Often with other things too)
- Popcorn (Different flavours)

And there are lots more.  
They are lovely to get home from school to and they cost £3.89 each.

Just like Sarah, I have enjoyed blogging lots the past month! Thank you all for your support and thank you to all of our 20 followers and everyone who comments on our posts, it really means a lot to us!
We hope to carry on blogging frequently (maybe not every day as we do have lots and lots of work from college and our A levels to complete..).
Please remember to leave requests in the comment sections as we would definitely love to do all of your suggestions!

And that is the end of my favourites post for this month!
Let me know below what have been your favourite items in October!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!


Disclaimer - I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned in the post and all opinions are my own!

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