Wednesday, 9 October 2013

50 facts about Alanah

  1. I am 16 and was born on the 22nd April 1997
  2. I have a brother called Kieran who is 15 and a sister called Summer who is 11
  3. I am a quarter Irish and the rest of me is all English
  4. I basically got kicked out of girl guides a couple years ago
  5. I'm currently doing my A levels and I'm studying Media, Graphics and English Lang/lit
  6. I live in Surrey, England
  7. I watch a film almost every day
  8. I'm not a big fan of bread (unless its pizza or toast)
  9. People keep asking me what I want to do when I am older but I really don't know
  10. I lose something at least once a day and it's getting pretty annoying
  11. I don't really have any common sense - even my teachers tell me that
  12. I think i may be addicted to shopping, which is pretty annoying when you have no money
  13. Also addicted to pool and end up playing that with Sarah instead of studying whoops
  14. I'm pretty good at athletics like sprint and long jump
  15. I sing all the time and I'm surprised i still have a voice to be honest. 
  16. I play the guitar and sing and my Mum always wants to film me but I won't sing properly in front of anyone
  17. I love desserts, especially ice cream yum
  18. I always crave chicken and brownies
  19. I like to spontaneously do stuff with people
  20. I am a new lover of coffee and I love it with vanilla in it
  21. I love wearing heels when I go to parties because they make me taller which I like (and they make my legs looks longer)
  22. I'm 5'5 which is quite average so whatevs I don't mind.
  23. My favourite colors are orange, pink and mint
  24. I used to hate the color purple and look away whenever there was anything big and purple
  25. I used to be a mad chocoholic and my club penguin name was chocomadd (when i was 10)
  26. I love penguins
  27. I love going out for dinner with friends 
  28. My favourite drink is probably water to be honest, I drink so much of it.  But like, I like fanta lemon to
  29. New York is probably my favourite place I've ever been (and the beach)
  30. I have a pet cat called cocoa and once we took 'her' to the vets to see if 'she' was pregnant and we found out she was actually a boy wahey
  31. When I was born I weighed 7 pounds which is pretty norm I suppose
  32. I was such a mad kid and I remember always talking to everyone who worked at places and probably annoying them
  33. I did ballet when I was 2 - 3 and have the funniest video of my attempting to leap gracefully
  34. I love horror films, also comedies and rom coms
  35. I can touch my wrist with my thumb on both hands (woop)
  36. I have 2 memory boxes that i made ages ago which i keep so much old stuff in and they're pretty cute to look back on
  37. I'm left handed which I like because it's different although it's pretty annoying when I smudge the ink when I'm writing
  38. I really want to go to California and New York (again)
  39. I used to play schools with all  my teddies and I made a register and everything, but I didn't even want to be a teacher
  40. I would love to try out every job for like a week each
  41. I work in a cafe at a museum at the moment where I tend to make an awful lot of sandwiches
  42. I don't really have a certain fashion 'style' that I wear I just wear lots of things, although i keep wearing black lately which I should stop.  It's just because I have black jackets and black leggings though really.
  43. My favourite shop is probably Topshop and the one down Oxford Street is the best place ever
  44. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I really want my hair blonder though
  45. My Dad was adopted so I don't know my real grandmarmamaaar
  46. I love Christmas so much and get really excited, I'm already singing Christmas songs 
  47. Me and Sarah have matching christmas jumpers and hats (and we look really cool in them)
  48. I love theme parks and rides woop
  49. I have a habit of leaving homework to the last minute/not doing it
  50. I broke a chair today woopsie

this is alanah x

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