About us

Hello! Our names are Alanah and Sarah and we are 17. Our blog is all about fashion, beauty and just random lifestyle bits really, we will be posting frequently including posts such as OOTDs, tags, hauls, reviews and lots of other things. 

We started our blog in October 2013 and have been enjoying it ever since, we take all requests and are happy to do most things that you would like us to.  We have also started a YouTube channel where we post vlogs, beauty, fashion and many more videos HERE is a link to take you straight to our channel or you can type in Alarah to the YouTube search engine.

Very recently we have been working on our new clothing business! We currently sell a range of tops where we can print designs on them for you. We have made a video about it for you which you can see HERE, and we will update our catalogue seasonally which you can see our current one on our blog HERE. You can order through our instagram @alarahclothing, here are some examples.

Hope you enjoy, don't forget to comment and follow! 
Alanah and Sarah

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