Friday, 30 May 2014

OOTD | Spring Day Out

Hello! So today I am going out for a BBQ with a few friends at one of their houses, and I thought I'd show you my outfit, it's very casual as it's only a BBQ, but still appropriate for the spring season. It's still not very warm here in the UK, but thankfully it's not raining today, so you don't have to go out wearing a coat with your umbrella.

Top | Hollister
Jeans | Topshop (Leigh Jeans - Acid Wash)
Black High Top Converse | Office
Kimono | Primark

Thankyou for reading let me know if you like the outfit and if you'd wear something like this for spring, all comments will be replied to, and are all appreciated.

Just to let you all know if you don't know all ready we have started a YouTube channel so do have a look at it, under 'Alarah' we have posted two videos and are hoping to be posting a lookbook soon but are having some trouble with it, but it should be up soon so look forward to that,  as well as many other videos, thankyou! 


Sunday, 25 May 2014

YouTube Haul | Link Attached

Hello! our second video is up on YouTube and it's a haul for you, showing you all the items we've bought over the last few weeks. Do have a look and like and subscribe, if you do comment on the video your comments will be acknowledged and replied to.

here are a few pictures from the video, please click on the image to take you straight to the video

more blog posts and videos will be up throughout the week so do keep an eye out!

Alanah & Sarah

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day to Night Outfit | Styling a skort

Hello! The other day i went out and bought myself a skort which i hauled on our YouTube channel here, I saw it in Zoella's spring haul on YouTube and fell in love with it, and after trying it on in the shop i knew i had to buy it. Skorts have been very in since winter, and i think there here to stay for while longer. If your not to sure what a skort it, its basically shorts, with material sewn over the top of the front of them, so they look like a skirt from the front, but still the shorts in the back. Here I'm going to be showing you how i wear this particular skort in both the day, and the evening so for casual and party wear.

This is the skort I bought, it is from new look and costed £17.99, so not too expensive compared to some in Topshop or Zara. This skort is elasticated around the waist which makes it very comfortable, and easy to get on and off. The floral print is very bright, which i actually really liked for the spring/summer seasons as the bright colour are very in right now. I think it may just be because i'm small, but on me, this skort is actually high wasted, which i prefer, so i can wear it with crop tops. You can buy this skort here.

Day Outfit

White cross back jumper | River Island | No longer available for purchase
Black Converse | Office | Purchase here

 Evening Outfit

White Bralet | Hollister | No longer available for purchase
Red heels | New Look | Similar ones can be found here

I hope this was helpful and maybe gave you a few ideas on how to wear a skort or, just some outfit ideas in general. Let me know whether you like skort's and how you would wear one in the comments. Also let me know which outfit you preferred day or evening?


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the next step in Alarah | YouTube

Hello! So as of today we are starting a YouTube channel!
The content would be very similar to our blog in that we'd talk about mainly, beauty, fashion, and some life bits. We'd hope you'd all support us by liking, and subscribing.
All comments will be replied to and please do let us know of any particular videos you'd like us to see.

This photo is linked to our first video please to click and watch it!

We's still be blogging as per usual, however were now going to also be doing YouTube videos, let us know if you do subscribe and what you think


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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OOTD | Styling a kimono! | College

Hi everyone!
I know I know.. We haven't posted in a little less that a month, but we had a few exams - but they're all over now! So we have loads of time where we will hopefully be posting more and also we are starting a YouTube channel in a couple days where we will be posting videos similar to our blog posts, more details about that will be coming soon because we would love for you to subscribe when it's ready!  
Anyway.. for now here is my outfit for today - it was fairly hot out but not that sunny (Not dress weather like we'd hoped!) and this is what I wore to college.

Kimono | Hollister | £49 | I cant find it online any more but I think it is still in stores
Joni Jeans | Topshop | £36 | Buy here
Crop top | Miss Selfridge | £12 | Buy here
 All black high top converse | Office | £47.99 | Buy here

 Hope you liked this post, let me know if you would like to see more or what you would like to see me style - I could do some more styling with kimonos etc.. if you would like - or other things.

Hope you enjoyed!
Talk to y'all soooon,


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