Friday, 30 May 2014

OOTD | Spring Day Out

Hello! So today I am going out for a BBQ with a few friends at one of their houses, and I thought I'd show you my outfit, it's very casual as it's only a BBQ, but still appropriate for the spring season. It's still not very warm here in the UK, but thankfully it's not raining today, so you don't have to go out wearing a coat with your umbrella.

Top | Hollister
Jeans | Topshop (Leigh Jeans - Acid Wash)
Black High Top Converse | Office
Kimono | Primark

Thankyou for reading let me know if you like the outfit and if you'd wear something like this for spring, all comments will be replied to, and are all appreciated.

Just to let you all know if you don't know all ready we have started a YouTube channel so do have a look at it, under 'Alarah' we have posted two videos and are hoping to be posting a lookbook soon but are having some trouble with it, but it should be up soon so look forward to that,  as well as many other videos, thankyou! 


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