Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pamper Evening Products

The following products are what I like to use on a 'pamper evening' and I know people who would read this would probably like to have little pamper evenings where you just relax and replenish your skin. So these are just some products I like to use.

First I use the Simple cleaning facial wipes to remove my facial makeup, I bought these an uncountable amount of times and love them, I have incredibly sensitive skin so I have to be really careful with certain products i put on my face and I've never had a simple product break me out so I love the brand. Also i don't like to use these to remove my eye makeup, this is because I find its too harsh on your eyes, and we don't want to be loosing a load of eye lashes!

Instead to remove my eye makeup I use the L'Oreal Paris Purifying Micellar Solution. I saw this being recommended by Fleur (at FluerDeForce on youtube) and she said it was the closest thing to Bioderma she's found, and I would say I agree but I've never tried Bioderma, I find it very hard to find in the UK, I think you could probably get it online but I tried this and really like it, you can use this on your whole face but I prefer to use this only on my eyes.

Next I like to have a bath, and I like to go all out with music, candles lit, a magazine and a bath bomb. I recently bought this one in a shop local to me called 'Chickadee' its a cute little shop with lots of little home wear bits, and they recently just started doing bath bombs so I decided to purchase one this one is in the scent 'very berry' its smells lovely! Its a very autumn winter scent and I cant wait to try it.

When I come out of the bath the first thing I like to do is moisturize my body. I've been loving this scent for autumn it's the cocoa radiant scent and smells of cocoa, its quite a spicy scent and I don't normally like this for in the mornings, its definitely more of a evening smell moisturizer  But I love Vaseline products for my lips, so when I saw this I thought i should give it a try, and its amazing it goes on evenly and doesn't feel greasy when you put it on, what I also love about this is that the moisture in the product lasts for a long time on your skin, it just makes it feel lovely and hydrated and refreshed.

After being in the bath, I then put TRESemme's split remedy into my hair, and I really do love this product, I don't actually know how but it really does help getting rid of split ends. It also makes then ends of my hair feel lovely and soft. I pump around 2/3 pumps into my hand and run it through the ends of my hair, with this I like to almost stick split ends back together by spreading the product down the ends of my hair. 

Then as every girl needs on a pamper night I follow up with a face mask, I currently love the Superdrug's own brand called simply pure, I love this one for what it does to my skin, it just makes it look so much healthier after, this one is also easy to tell when the products fully dry as it goes on green and dries white. However I also love Superdrug's exfoliating mask in the scent 'summerfruits' this is quite a summery scent but its the best smelling face mask iIve ever tried, i could literally eat it, I wouldn't say this mask has as much of a effect as the simply pure mask but still does a great job.

While my mask is drying I normally like to read blogs, or watch a youtube video for a while depending on the mask you've used you could be waiting a while. I normally wait for around 20 minutes or until I cant move my face anymore. 

I then rinse off the mask and use my favorite ever product this is what I would call the simplest version of a clarisonic, its just that you massage it into your skin manually, this is the best product I've bought and I hardly ever get spots any more this picks up any remaining dirt from your face and really just cleanses your skin, I would highly recommend this to anyone because its defiantly worth paying for.

Next I just wipe across this cleansing lotion by clean and clear, I like to do this using the extra large cotton pads because I find they last so much longer and i only need one for my whole face, and there not any more expensive than what I was paying for with the smaller sized ones.

Finally to moistuize I use Superdrug's simply pure face cream just to lock in any moisture over night and keep my skin lovely and hydrated.

Sorry this post was really long! Let me know in the comments below what you like to use on pamper evenings.

Sarah x

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