Friday, 18 October 2013

Night Time Routine + Products I Use

Hello! Here is my everyday night time routine and the products I use.

1. First I will have a shower and wash my hair.  
I like to wash my hair at night because I don't have time in the morning and I have very thick hair so I have the evening for it to dry.  
To wash my hair I use TRESemmé luxurious moisture shampoo and for conditioner I use the TRESemmé luxurious conditioner, however once a week (today being that day) I use the TRESemmé Thermal recovery conditioning mask. I shampoo my hair twice because there's a lot of it!
For my body I use Soap and Glory's 'Clean, Girls' body was and for my face I use Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1. 
The face scrub can also be used as a mask, I definitely recommend this if you get dry skin as it scrubs nicely.
I recommend all of these products. 

Looking fabby in the shower!

2. Once I have put the conditioning mask on my hair I will get out of the shower and chill for around 20-30 minutes with the mask in my hair.
If you have heat damaged ends, I definitely recommend this mask, you can use it once a week or more depending on how much condition you need but it works really well.  I could tell the difference after just one wash!
  I then get back in the shower and rinse all of the mask off, it makes my hair sooo soft.  I will then towel dry my hair to stop it from dripping.

4. I will then take off any excess eye makeup that I wasn't able to get off in the shower, usually there isn't much so I will just use a toner.  I use Simple soothing toner (which is lovely) 
I will then moisturise my face with my Superdrug night cream. This cream is actually really good quality for the price (which is around £2) and is definitely very moisturizing.  I also use the day version of this cream and they work great together.
Then I put on my Clean & Clear spot gel on any blemishes, and my Jean Paul Gaultier lip balm (which is actually for men but works great!)

 5. Then I will moisturize my body.  At the moment I am using Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' moisturizer but I like to mix it up and I will often change my moisturizer.  I love the smell of this one though.  I will usually moisturise my legs, arms and just random other bits really, but sometimes I get a bit lazy and just do my legs.

6. Next is my pajamas! Usually I get quite hot in bed (even in the Winter) so I will normally just wear a Tshirt and some shorts.  Any will do, if I get chilly I can chuck on a dressing gown or onesie ;)

7. After munching on any snacks that I may want before bed (usually chocolate) I will brush my teeth! I always change which toothpaste I use depending what is on offer really, toothpaste has never really shown any difference (e.g. whitening) on my teeth so I don't bother with them most of the time.

8. If my hair is still wet by the time I am going to bed, I will give it a dry with the hairdryer.  Normally I don't dry it completely because I have a lot of hair and it takes ages!  

9. Now I just chill on my laptop, watch youtube videos, listen to music, surfff the web! And when I get tired...

 I go to sleep!

Sorry that was so long! I hope you enjoyed it though, hope you liked my very attractive photos ;)

Disclaimer; This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own!

Comment below what you do differently in your night time routine!



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