Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To | Winged Eyeliner/Cat Eye

Today I'm going to do a 'How To' post, I thought I'd show you how I apply my winged eyeliner. Just to let you all know I am not a professional in makeup or how to apply eyeliner, this is just how I apply it, and I find it easiest, hope you enjoy.

I'm going to show you how to create this

I use the bourjois liquid liner to create a winged eye liner. I love this product and find it so easy to use, its sadly been discontinued but any liquid liner with a thin brush would do. Mine is jet black because my mascara is also this shade, so it matches best.

Step 1 | clear eyes

I apply my eye makeup after applying concealer to my face. Make sure all your eye makeup has been removed from the day before, this will give you a clear base to see where to apply the line easily. 

 Step 2 | start of application

 What I like to do is apply the liner in the center of the eye first. I then just find it easier to attach the wing this way later on. I make the eye very thin, and start by dabbing the brush horizontally against my lash line. Remember to not add to much product to the brush, you can always add on, but cant always remove.

Step 3 | Extend and flick

Next I like to extend the the line towards my tear duct. I apply thin with an even thinner line than what we used in the center, this is because it makes the liner look more realistic as towards your tear duct your lashes are smaller. After that I create the flick. I do this by following my lower lash line and bringing it out with one single line (don't fill yet!)

 Step 4 | Complete the liner
I don't know whats happened to my eyes in this picture, they look so freaky!
Now you'll want to join the center line to the end of the flick that's attached to your lower lash line. Finally just connect the tip of the flick to the rest of the line by curving it out, finally just fill in the triangular shape and you should be done.

Sorry if that wasn't explained overly well, as i said I am no professional and their might be a certain way to apply a winged eye, but this way just works best for me. I admit this does take some practice, but its worth it because I love this look and its most definitely in for autumn and winter. I hope this helped in some way.


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