Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review of Benefit's 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' Foundation

Hello! Today I will be reviewing Benefit's 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' Foundation.

As you can see, i've used quite a lot of it!

The foundation comes in a range of 9 different colors, so in my opinion - this is a great range and there should be one to suit most skin tones.  It is an oil-free foundation and has an SPF of 25.  It costs £25.50 (but I'm sure it was £24.50 when I bought it) for 30ml.  This is a little bit pricey however it has lasted me about 6 months and in my opinion is well worth the money!

I purchased this product back in April [2013] and it is only just starting to run out.  I bought this after hearing a few beauty gurus speak about it online, and needing a new foundation at the time - I decided to try it. The makeup artist at the benefit counter tried it on my skin, and decided that I was the shade ivory - 'I'm pure 4 sure'.  I have to agree, this foundation matches my skin perfectly. 

In this photo I am only wearing the foundation and a transparent powder - no concealer

The foundation goes on to my skin very lightly, and is definitely my favourite foundation I have ever used.  As you can see from the photo, the foundation does not cover up blemishes too much, especially the more red toned spots and marks. Because it is a light - medium coverage foundation, an extra bit of concealer would be needed on red marks.  The foundation is slightly buildable on coverage, but not much and still seems to fall off where blemishes are. However I find it does a great job of evening out the skin tone, keeping it matte and natural looking.
I don't wear foundation everyday but when I do this one is a perfect one if you want to stay looking natural.

This foundation looks lovely when applied with a makeup brush (I use the real techniques expert face brush, here is a link to a review of the brush The only down side to the foundation is that it tends to slip off the face during the day if you don't top up on powder.  Make sure to carry a translucent powder with you, or the bottle of foundation itself, for a quick re-apply in the toilets!

Overall I would definitely recommend this foundation.  I love how it looks on my skin - making it matte yet with a slight glow.  This is definitely my favourite foundation I've tried, and I will most likely be repurchasing it.  Hope this review has helped you!

Comment below your favourite foundation to use!

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