Saturday, 19 October 2013

Whats In My Bag | autumn edition

I got this bag for Christmas last year and I still love it so much! Its not an overly large bag but I don't like to carry more than I need to. The bag is from Jasper Conran which they have in many department stores such as Debenhams and they also have their own website.

Firstly I have my purse which I also got last year as a gift for Christmas, its from River Island and is pretty big, I prefer to have larger purses than little ones because they have more individual pockets and I find it easier to find certain cards, notes, and receipts etc.

I then have some polo mints in the original flavor, I don't like the peppermint flavor ones so i only buy these, I like to keep these in my bag just for when I might be out for lunch or just want a fresher breath. I like to buy these in a pack of 5 from supermarkets because I always have them in my bag, I do end up saving money.

Next here I have my keys, which are an essential, not much to say about them they're lovely keys.
But I do have a key ring with the letter 'S' (for Sarah) that I bought a few years ago from London, i felt like a real tourist.

Now this was a great little gadget I ordered off ebay, what you do is charge this into your phone charger, and then when your out and your phone has low battery it charges your phone. Its really come in handy.

Next is a random little thing, just a hairband. But I do think every girl should carry round a hairband because I always seem to loose them or forget to have one on my wrist so I keep one in my bag just for emergencies.

This is a holder for my nail file, which is the best nail file I've ever used, I love painting and taking care of my nails (even though their not looking great here) but I was given this one for my birthday and I would definitely recommend it. Unfortunately when I was taking photos for this post I noticed that it had snapped. But I thought I'd include it because I am going to repurchase it, and I thought I'd let you know what I thought of it.

Now here I have my makeup bag, I like to take this around with me because I am very spontaneous and normally when I'm out I end up going out after or staying somewhere after. So then theirs always a chance i'll need to top up on my makeup or need it for the next day, I normally don't need everything in my makeup bag its normally just my powder and lipstick to re-apply throughout the day. 
Let me know if you'd like to see a whats in my makeup bag post

Next I always like to carry some form of hair brush or comb, again because I end up doing something after I've been out. Also because I have naturally wavy hair I do find that throughout the day, so I normally take something with me to make it look more presentable. I currently had a comb in my bag so that's what I thought I'd show you but I sometimes carry an actual brush.

Now this is something that I find I really need throughout autumn and winter, a lip balm. I noticed a lot of beauty guru's on YouTube raving about these so I thought I'd try one, and I love it. This flavor is 'caramel cream', and it smells unbelievable I just literally want to eat this (but please don't if you buy this, haha!). The texture of these lip balms are so creamy and last for a really long time on your lips. I would really recommend these. 

This again is a real essential for me throughout the colder months, a hand moisturizer and this is my favorite one I've ever tried, this one is the soap and glory hand food. This leaves your skin just feeling lovely and moisturized, but what I really love about this product is that it doesn't leave a greasy residue and it dries really quickly but leaves your hands still feeling soft. Also the smell of this product is just like all of the soap and glory products, it smells amazing. I really think everyone who gets dry hands should buy this its so worth the money.

Next product is my body splash from Victoria Secret and these last for ages, I use this daily and have only used around a third of it. My sister bought this for me when she went shopping because I didn't go shopping as I went to France to see my Nan and Grandad. (Bless her) and i love the scent (she knows me so well). Even though this is quite a summery scent I haven't yet found a autumn scent that I like more than this, to stop using this one. 
Comment below what autumn sprays perfume you use

Finally I like to take my glasses with me as I need them for reading things from long distance or if i get headaches I wear these as they help.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these brands, and I purchased all my self or were gifts from family members

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