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These are my 6 products that I cant live without, I don't honestly know whats I'd do without these products they all work so well for me. I'm not saying these products will work well for everyone, as everyone it different, but these all well for me, and I'd definitely recommend them.

The first product is my first, and I'd have to say all time best products I've ever bought. This is the 'Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash' I use this every night and occasionally in the morning if my skin is acting up. 

This brush claims says it removes any dead skin cells, helps fight spots and fades marks. It also claims to show results from day 1 of use. I agree with these statements and if I didn't use this product my skin would definitely be a lot worse than how it is now.

The product contains salicylic acid, which is the concentration that helps clears pores and protect you skin against spots. When looking for spot treatments see in the ingredients if it contains salicylic acid, as this does really help spot prone skin. 

My second product is the 'TRESemme split remedy. I've had this product for quite a long time, and I apply it too the ends of my hair every time I wash my hair. I've found this has improves the appearance of my hair's split ends as well as making the ends of my hair stronger and healthier.

This product is a white cream based formula making it easy to apply because it doesn't drip. You can get the leave in treatment or wash out of this product, I prefer the leave in treatment because I find it works better because it stays on your hair making it react for a longer duration of time.

This treatment claims to leave an 80% reduction in split ends after 3 uses, and I again would agree with this statement. I would even get compliments on my hair about the thickness and healthiness of it, and I would absolutely say its because of this product. 

Third surprise, surprise... my all time favorite concealer, the Collection Ever Lasting Perfection concealer' I've raved about this product quite a bit, but I do suffer from blemishes as I do have sensitive skin, and horrible dark circles because I have to wake up early for college *blegh*. However this product helps a huge amount, the coverage of this product is astounding, and because the coverage is so amazing I hardly ever wear foundation anymore, just a touch up using this, and your good to go!

I am the shade 'medium 3' for this concealer and as you can see its a perfect match. Unfortunately this concealer only comes in 4 different shades, so you may struggle to find one that matches your skin, but if you can I would definitely say to purchase it because its really helped my skin as I've felt confident to wear this with no foundation.

My forth product you might consider a bit of a cheat as I've chosen a brand rather than a product, but the Real Techniques brushes are amazing, that I think I may prefer them to any other brush I've ever tried. They just blend product into your skin so flawlessly and it leaves such a beautiful finish. 

I sadly only own the expert face brush, (which you can see a review of HERE) and the shading brush (which I used to create a smokey eye look as you can see HERE). But I am really hoping to expand my collection so let me know which other brushes I should buy if you've tried them, or which ones you'd like to purchase

Fifth I have my Carmex lip balm, which I purchased at Primark! These lip balms are the best ones I've tried and trust me, I've tried a lot. This lip balm isn't amazing for the smell as most that I buy are, but this one really moisturizes your lips making them so smooth. I have the mint flavor and I'm not sure if they have other flavor, but I don't mind if they don't because I will carry on to probably always repurchase this product as I'm prone to getting chapped lips in the winter.

Also this applicator for this lip balm is rounded which makes is really easy to apply when your on the go. You simply squeeze and rub onto your lips. Another thing about the application of this product is that when you squeeze the product out, if you've overloaded on the product then, it goes back into the tube. Stopping you wasting product.

My final product is Benefits They're Real mascara. This is the first high end mascara I've bought and you can definitely see the difference from using high street mascaras. First benefit I love about this mascara (see what I did there!) is that it doesn't clump at all, where as with every other mascara I've used its slightly clumped.

Next the length of the mascara is one of the best I've used. It really makes them super long and luscious. 

The applicator of this brush is plastic, which I wasn't sure I'd get along with but I actually really like it. I would most definitely recommend this mascara for all types, or even just go in to find a tester size, because my lashes look and feel brand new.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these brands, and all opinions are my own

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