Monday, 21 October 2013

My Autumn/Fall Staples | Fashion

Hello! Thought I would share with you some of my favourite things to wear during Fall/Autumn.  These are essentials to me which I seem to be wearing an awful lot lately.
Hope you enjoy!

Cosy Jumpers
Now, as you can see... I have a lot of jumpers - 22 to be exact, so yes I went a little overboard on this trend, but I don't mind! Honestly, I've worn every one of these jumpers at least once and I know that I will never run out! 
They are perfect for chucking on with just a pair of leggings or jeans, and you're good to go!

 Here are a few of my favourites!

Blue jumper | Topshop
Purple jumper | New Look
Pink Jumper | Topshop
Christmas Jumper |

from left to right
1. First off we have leggings, now these are definitely a staple item for me in the Fall/Autumn, I wear them sooo much.  I have a thicker high waisted pair from Topshop and they have pockets and a zip which makes them a bit more dressy.  I love wearing these because I can still wear shorter tops with them and also I can tuck jumpers without them going frumpy.

2. Second is a simple pair of jeans! These jeans are from Topshop and they are the comfiest jeans I have ever worn (I actually own 5 pairs of these in different colors haha).  They almost feel like leggings when you are wearing them, which is great for Fall/Autumn as we all like to be comfy!  These ones are just a mid wash blue color, pretty standard I would say.

3.  Third is some yoga pants, I like these (or sweatpants) to lounge around in, they're very very comfortable.  The ones in this photo are from Gilly Hicks (In the sale wooop!).  Now I definitely live in these when I am at home, perfect loungewear.

Leggings | Topshop
Jeans | Topshop
Yoga Pants | Gilly Hicks

 Denim Jackets!

I've been loving denim jackets lately, especially my black one.  I think a black one makes a change to the standard blue however I also have a blue one which I love to wear.  They are perfect for Fall because it isn't freezing cold yet and therefore it is a perfect 'light' coat to wear.  

Blue denim jacket | GAP
Black denim jacket | Topshop

My black jacket has wool inside so its still greatwhen it's a little colder!

Leather Jacket

I love my leather jacket sooo much, I wear it tonnes.  It goes with absolutely everything and its nice and fitted so can make an outfit look more put together and just all over pretty.  Same as denim jackets, Leather jackets are also a nice light-ish jacket to wear when it's not yet freezing, just a little nippy!

Leather jacket | Boutique (Can't remember name)

Statement Necklaces

I love wearing statement necklaces with a plain jumper, such as the ones shown earlier.  I think that they can really put together an outfit.  In the Fall there are not as many prints about - therefore a statement necklace is perfect to add a little detail to an outfit.  I also think it is a nice cheap idea to mix up outfits, and add to simple plan tops.
Here are a few of my favourites:


Infinity Scarves
I love a good wooly infinity scarf for the fall.  This is just a light one but in the Winter I think I may have to pick myself a more chunky scarf.  I love these because they are very easy to style and they keep your neck nice and warm! I haven't really started wearing a scarf yet but I am definitely going to because I love them!

Bobble Hats
I am soo looking forward to wearing this hat out, I love it so much and it was a steal at only £2.50 (I think).  I think these hats can definitely help if you are having a bad hair day or just want to add something to your outfit.  Also - they keep your ears nice and warm!

 I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was rather long!  

Comment below your Autumn/Fall staple items


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