Wednesday, 9 October 2013

50 facts about Sarah

  1. I am 16 and was born on the 11th of July 1997.
  2.  I have a twin sister called Hannah but we look nothing alike, as well as a younger brother and sister
  3. I've loved every fruit I've ever tried but would still rather eat biscuits 
  4. I'm currently studying for my a levels at sixth form, I'm studying media, film and graphics
  5. I have no clue what I want to be when I'm older 
  6. I am quarter Italian, quarter Austrian and half English
  7. I'm an incredibly fussy eater
  8. my spelling is terrible and I don't know where I'd be without spell check or a dictionary 
  9. I'm always the ditsy one in a group because I ask very unnecessary questions
  10. I'd rather watch a movie than a TV programme
  11. I literally cry at every film
  12. I did gymnastics for 11 years and could never do the splits 
  13. I sing all the time at home but would never sing in front of anyone in public or even in front of friends & family
  14. I love biscuits and have a real sweet tooth
  15. I am very small at only 5'1 and have an aim in life to reach 5'3 hope I get there
  16. I love my bed and could happily sleep all day
  17. I love meeting up with family 
  18. My family is so big I have over 20 cousins 
  19. Me and my sister were the youngest twins to ever fly on a concord at 5 weeks old
  20. I have been to Spain, Dubai and Portugal many times as well as other places and love travelling 
  21. I easily get cold 
  22. I love to be comfy and live in leggings
  23. My favourite colour is coral orange
  24. My favourite animal is a snow leopard
  25. I live on squash and think they should sell it at restaurants
  26. I have a habit of shopping for clothes and should probably get help
  27. One of my earliest memories is being around 2 or 3 at nursery playing with the toy kitchen, and not letting anyone play with me because i pretended it was a kitchen in my house and i hadn't invited anyone round so they couldn't come in
  28. I love hot chocolate and have it all the time
  29. I live quite near London and love the area
  30. When me and my sister were 10 for our birthday we each got a rabbit and called them 'Flippsie and Floppsie' we thought Flippsie was a girl but turns out she was a boy and they had babies so we kept one and gave the rest to friends and family who wanted one, then around two years ago when my step dad went out to feed them there was another rabbit outside the hutch we went round asking if anyone had lost a rabbit and put up signs but no one said it belonged to them so we kept it and now have 4 rabbits
  31. I love spending time with people and me and my friends often go out to dinner and meet up regularly
  32. I passed everything in my GCSE's except from geography (i didn't like geography!)
  33. I love painting my nails but I'm terrible at it and it takes me ages to paint them.
  34. I am right handed but always wanted to be left because i wanted to be different
  35. One of the places i really want to go to is America but if i ever do go i think I'd have to go with loads of money and for about 3 months to do everything I'd want to do their
  36. I'm a real 'girly girl' but hardly ever wear skirts or dresses unless I'm going to a party
  37. I did dancing from the ages of 2-15 but had to stop to study for my a levels really miss it:(
  38. When i was born i weighed a very light 4 pounds 14 ounces
  39. My favourite films to watch are either comedy's or romantic films
  40. My first crush was when i was 5 on holiday in Dubai i met a boy called Nathan in the pool and we'd play a game where he'd throw is hat and we'd have to race by swimming to try and get it first, i then got a wishing jar (that i still have) and the wish i wrote was to see him again
  41. I love 'kids food' smiley faces/chicken nuggets etc. and still eat them today.
  42. I hate mazes at theme parks and refuse to go in them ever since i went in one at Halloween and almost cried
  43. I hate the sight of blood and could never be a doctor
  44. I have never broken a bone in my body
  45. I have brown hair and brown eyes
  46. I have a double jointed finger where i can bend only the top half of it
  47. In our schools year book i won the award for 'most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket'
  48. I originally shared a blog with Hannah (my twin sister) but we wanted to post different things so she owns the one we shared [].
  49. I hate going to the hairdressers because they cut so much off my hair whenever i go last time i went i got home and cried because my hair was literally a bob
  50. Alanah is my favourite person (ever)
this is sarah x

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