Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Review | Mark Hill Sea Salt Wave Spray

I purchased this product earlier this year for the summer, because I've been trying to grow out by hair so i wanted it look look curly/wavy with adding any heat to it, so i thought I'd give this product a go, and I decided to so a review on it and let you know what I thought.

When I was in Boots looking at the different types of sea salt spray that was available, I noticed some were quite pricey, and i didn't really want to spend that much on a spray when a previous one (that had been discontinued) that I purchased was around £6. I then saw this one (mainly from the colour!) and I saw it was only £5ish so I thought I'd give it a try.

The first time I used this product what I first noticed when spraying it into my hair was the smell. This spray to me is like holiday in a bottle, it smells very sweet and fruity,its defiantly a very summery scent. I love fruity smells so i then obviously loved the smell of this product. 

However the product just didn't effect my hair in any other way apart from it smelling like the Caribbean. I tried everything like scrunching it, or twirling it around my finger, then spraying more in, and it literally just looked the same jut a bit messy from the scrunching.

The product instructed on the back to 'spray on either dry or damp hair. Spray in and just let your hair dry into shape. If it needs a little help, twist sections around your finger and leave to dry'. I did not spray this into my hair while it was still wet purely because I thought it would be a waste of product if I don't dry my hair it dry's wavy, so I wasn't going to use the product when it wasn't needed.

[Apologies for bad quality image it was late when this photo was taken so I had to take it with my phone, in bad lighting.]
This is an image of my hair without the spray in just blow dried with no other product in (left) against my hair with only the product in and been scrunched (right)
Overall i was very disappointed with this product, its not that it wont work for everyone it just didn't work on my hair, I think it was a waste of money and wont be repurchasing it, I think next time I may go for the pricier products as I find they may work best on me. By all means go and buy this product if you like it I don't want to make anyone think they shouldn't by it if they have before and its worked, it just didn't work on me. 

I will use up this product and make my hair smell lovely and summery, (might bring England some better weather!) but I wont repurchase it.

If anyone knows any better alternatives for 'sea salt spray' let me know in the comments please.


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