Monday, 18 November 2013

OOTD | Rag Week Day 1 | Pyjama's

Hello, so this week at our college we are having a 'Rag week' which is a charity fundraiser, each day has a different theme and we thought each day this week we'd post what we wore to school, we are wearing paired things every day sometimes completely the same and others days we'll be wearing outfits that are just similar to each others.

So this day was pyjama day and we wore similar clothing, but not completely the same.

                              Sarah                                                                                          Alanah

First what we wore the same of, the festive pyjama bottoms, these are from Primark and are a bargain at £5. They are fleece material and are perfect for winter as they keep you super warm. (these are currently still in store however Primark don't have a website so I cannot link them)

 Now for tops they were different

Sarah | My top is from Topshop, it is still in-store however only in light grey or navy (view the grey one here)
 AlanahMy poncho is from Tesco, it is still in-store it costs £12 and you can find it here

Now shoes are very similar but not the same

Sarah | Double tongue white converse (view similar ones here)
Alanah | Original white converse still in-store (view them here)

We hope you liked the post.
We will be doing an OOTD each day of this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for tomorrows post!

Sarah & Alanah

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