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October Favorites | Sarah's

Hello, wow so its really been a month since Alanah and I started this blog, its flown by and I love doing it! I'm going to show you my favorite products and things for this month, there's not to many but I thought I'd show you these little bits.

First is this Jack Wills Body Butter in the scent English Velvet I got this quite a while ago and I used to obsessed with Jack Wills and I loved this body butter, and I honestly don't know why I ever stopped using it! The smell of this body butter is unimaginable it's my favorite scent of the moment. It just smells of Autumn to me. Its quite a musky smell and slightly floraly, and I don't normally like floral scents but this is just amazing.

 The texture of this body butter is super thick and creamy. This makes it really moisturizing on your body and its very easy to spread evenly. Allowing you to only use the amount you actually need. Which in my opinion is great as you can save as much as possible.

 This product dry's on your body quickly but keeps it feeling smooth and moisturized. It then doesn't leave a sticky residue which is great as it means you don't have to stand there for ages waiting for your body to dry. 

Because I love this scent so much I bought the perfume of the same scent. So I'm all sorted, if you were to buy this now they've changed the packaging to a very boring transparent bottle with some writing on *cry*. But in the bottle is the same product. 

The packaging this came in is absolutely beautiful. It comes in a box as any perfume normally would. But the bottle itself sits in this silk lined pillow. It makes the product look like its very important and expensive. I loved the packaging so much that it sits in the packaging still on my bedside table for everyone to see.

I would highly recommend purchasing this for autumn or just go into a Jack Wills store and ask to smell this scent you wont regret it, I promise you.

I also love the mirror on the bottles lid! Can you spot me!

This next favorite is having winged eyeliner. This eyeliner is amazing its from Bourjois and has sadly been discontinued, I don't know how I will cope when this runs out! But I think use what works best for you.

I've been doing my eyeliner flicked out non-stop all Autumn. I love the look it gives and I actually love applying it in the morning (which some people would probably hate doing, aha). 

This certain one has a tiny brush so it therefore gives you excellent precision. It also dries really quickly so you don't have to worry about waiting for ages until you can curl your lashes.

If anyone knows where I can still purchase this product or one that sounds similar to it please let me know!

 I've briefly spoken about this product before but not in much depth. I heard about this product from Fleur from fleurdeforce on YouTube. She was saying how its very similar to Bioderma. I've been wanting to try Bioderma for ages but I cant find it, I dont think you can get it in the UK yet, but I have a feeling they're coming here soon.

Anyways I gave this a go and I actually really like it, it removes your makeup so easily and you don't have to rub it off your face vigorously, as this can damage your skin. Simply just pour some of the product onto a cotton pad and when removing eye makeup, hold this on your eyes for around 10-20 seconds and wipe away and your makeup should be almost gone, may have to repeat to be on the safe side as, this isn't as good as Bioderma looks but its still a great product.

The one negative about this product is the bottle. as it's square with a small hole to receive the product, I end up pouring out to much product and it tends to spill or I end up with a very wet face. So if you purchase this be sure to tip out as little product as possible as it goes a long way and remember you can always add on.

This next product has been a life savior for me these past few days. I get  really dry hands as the weather starts to get colder and sometimes they can be so bad they start to bleed. So I always need a hand cream on me in cold weather. This has been the best one I've tried and its the Soap & Glory hand food. This stuff is amazing!

Its a very creamy texture and lasts for ages. It doesn't feel greasy when you apply it, just very smooth. Also this smells incredible, It reminds me of playdoh (which I do like the smell of). For me if a product was amazing but didn't smell nice I wouldn't use it. The scent of a product is a very high factor that I take into account. Its quite a sweet scent and not very Wintery. But I need this in the Winter so I'm not going to complain. It says on the bottle; "Non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow". So go smell this next time your in Boots, I promise you wont regret it.

 Finally my top favorite of this month, has to be blogging every day. Although I've only been blogging for a month I love it, and enjoy doing it so much. Now although I've loved posting everyday me and Alanah both go to college and are studying for our A-Levels so we cant post every day every month. However we will still be posting frequently so dont worry! 

 I want to thank each one of our followers we love all 20 of you! I took a picture of me with you, hope you like it! Please keep commenting as me and Alanah will always reply.

Comment below your favorite beauty product of this month.

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