Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Fashion Wishlist | Autumn/Winter 2013

Hello, today I'm going to share with you some of the fashion items I'm hoping to get this Autumn/Spring. Now as I don't yet own any of these products these are not my own photo's, however all links from where I got the images will be linked bellow.

1 | Black Ankle Boots
I've started to realize that all the shoes I own are very summery. I'm not very adventurous with shoes and will always be wearing Vans, Converse or Nike's. However this season I'm hoping to broaden my shoe collection by purchasing a pair of black ankle boots. I've seen these worn on many people and I think they can make a plain outfit look a lot more sophisticated.

2 | Baggy Christmas Jumpers
I recently purchased a Christmas jumper from Primark, which I haven't worn yet (but its SOOO tempting!) I find that jumpers can look really lovely on anyone, and they are super comfy, which is always a must in the winter. I want a mix of thin and thick jumpers so I can layer up the thin ones and wear the thick ones on those lazy days.

3 | Faux Leather Midi Dress
Now Nicole Scherzinger is such an inspiration for fashion to me. I just think she always looks so beautiful and she can wear anything and look lovely. Recently watching Celebrity Juice, Nicole was wearing a dress identical to this one, and it looked stunning and perfect for the colder months. Now I am very short at 5ft 1, so I struggle to find midi dresses that don't come down to my ankles, but I'll have to hunt for this.

4 | Grey Timberlands
These are another shoe I feel I'll be needing this Winter. These shoes are defiantly coming in for the end of the year. They are very similar to Doc Martins, but I prefer these. They come in a range of colors and I think I'd get a lot of wear out of the grey ones, especially as I don't own any grey shoes currently.

5 | Statement Necklaces 
Although these aren't clothing, they are a fashion accessory thats a definate must have for this Autumn and Winter. They reallu add something to a plain jumper or top. You can have such a variation of necklaces and I think I'll most likely be adding some to my collection.

Thankyou for reading the post
What fashion items are you hoping to be purchasing this Autumn/Winter?


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