Sunday, 17 November 2013

My weekend out and about | London & Bournemouth

hello, so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been quite busy out and about. However I have taken a few photos so I thought I'd share them with you, I know this isn't a beauty or fashion post like we normally do, but some people just prefer to see what others are up to, so I thought I'd share.

On Friday a group of us went up to London to my friends birthday, we went shopping and to the Rainforest which is great if you want to ask like a little child all day like I do everyday.

m&m world

Me and the green m&m princess

Me and my twin sister Hannah

Walking around London
Me and Alanah with the queen

Us again with yoda

Rainforest Cafe

thanks Alanah

Then on Saturday me and a friends got up early and we went back to hers in Bournemouth 
apologies for the no makeup face

I had such a lovely weekend, sorry the pictures weren't great quality as they were all taken on my phone

Comment your favourite place to go away for the weekend?

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