Monday, 25 November 2013

OOTD | Rag Week Day 5 | Timewarp

Hello! So today the theme was time warp for our rag week. This could basically be anything from the past or the future. We both wore different things today apart from a couple bits.

 Sarah | 80's I think?                                                Alanah | 80's maybe? (I dont even know)
Jacket is from a boutique (not sure what)

Sarah | My top is actually Alanah's (thanks for letting me borrow it!) its from boohoo and is super big! but looks lovely tucked in. find it here
Alanah | My top is just a blue crop top which I got from Republic (Now USC) for only £3 in the sale! You can find it here. (Also my necklace is from H&M)

Sarah | I decided to wear a pair of high waisted disco pants that I'd purchased a while back from republic, now known as USC. As mine are quite old, they came out before the ones with the button and zipper did, which is upsetting as I do prefer those but these were a bargain at £10, and are unfortunately not in stock anymore.
Alanah | I wore some high waisted disco pants from H&M which I only got the other day and I absolutely love them - will probably wear these a lot! I can't find them online though but there are some similar - they were £24.99 but it was £10 off when I bought them so only £14.99!

Sarah | Again, no surprise I wore my incredibly comfortable white converse, you can view our previous posts to see where I purchased these.
Alanah | My shoes don't really go with my outfit but I didn't really have anything.  I got these from Ralph Lauren in America so I don't know where to find them but they're very comfy!

Accessories and stuff
Sarah | As I was running quite low on money this month, I didn't wear as many accessories as Alanah, however I did wear a pair of hoop earings I purchased from Primark which came in a pack of 5 pairs for £2 (BARGAIN!) 
Alanah | So I wore some massive hoop earrings which you can kind of see in the photo.  They were from Topshop in the sale. 
 I wore red lipstick (Sandy from Grease inspired) which is a Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 107.
I also filled in my eyebrows to a slightly different shape and curled my hair up in a side ponytail.

Thank you for reading, we hope you liked our outfits.
We have done OOTDs this week on MondayTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Rag week so you can check them out.  
Today was the last day of our rag week but keep checking back for some more regular posts including reviews, ootds, fotd, hauls and many other things!

Alanah + Sarah 

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