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Were Back! | Bargain Hunt Haul

Hello our lovely followers and readers! long time no see. 
Were incredibly sorry for our lack of posts, haven't posted anything since Christmas?! As many of you know me and Alanah are both in our first year at collage and we've both had a lot on our plates with coursework and revision. But were back, and although we may not post as much as we used to, we don't ever forget about our blog and were here for now, so lets get no with the post...

I have been looking for a few bargains in shops recently and yesterday me and a few girls, went to Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays for a bit of shopping, as it was my friend Sophie's birthday. It was a lovely day out thanks to the nicer weather we've been having in the UK recently. If you've never been to Gunwharf Quays, you may not know it is an outlet shopping center, so many of the shops have their old seasons collections in for much cheaper prices and I found myself some great bargains. 
I am unable to link many of these items, as they're usually not available to purchase in stores anymore.

Superdry | Cord Jacket
RRP | £54.99
Outlet | £32.99
(also available in other colours)

I'd been looking our for a jacket that I could also wear in the spring and summer, and many jackets I currently own are coats or leather jackets. I do have a denim jacket, but its layered with fur, so you do become very hot in it. When I saw this in Superdry I was very pleased, as its perfect for the spring and summer for the UK, as it doesn't ever get overly warm, so i do normally take a jacket with me anywhere.

Calvin Klein Underwear
RRP | £10-£13.50
Outlet | 4 for £25 or £7-£9

 So I needed to pick up new underwear, though i thought it'd be a bit inappropriate to show you those, so here's the bag, haha!

Ralph Lauren | Marin White Canvas shoes
RRP | £75.00
Outlet | £34.99
(also available in other colours)

I feel everyone needs some white shoes in spring or summer, whether they be converse, vans, or the cheap Primark plimsolls. They just seem to go with everything, though with them being white they do get dirty quite easily and quickly so i didn't want to spend loads, though as I knew I'd wear them a lot, I wanted to purchase a nice pair. I saw these in Ralph Lauren and fell in love. Though the search for my size took around 30 minutes, (I am not exaggerating!). I needed a size 3, and they only had a 2.5 or 4, so i tried both on, and could get both on, but I went for the 4, as I'd rather they'd be large and i can do the laces up tighter, than having smaller ones that hurt so i wont wear them.

That's everything I bought in Portsmouth, but I thought I'd share a few other items I'd purchased these passed months as, I thought they were quite good bargains.
Sorry the trousers don't match, they were just what I was already wearing.

H&M | Floral Crop Top
Price | £6.99
(other colours and styles available)
couldn't find this online, but is still in stores

Topshop | Yellow Floral Crop Top
Price | £20
(available in other colours)
Topshop | Lace Crop Top
Price | £16
(available in other colours)
 purchase here                                             

Topshop | Strappy Crop Top
Price | £8
(available in other colours)

Thankyou for reading 
You should be seeing more posts soon 
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 Sarah xxx
(hope you like my new ombre hair!)

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