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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide | For Her

Hello, sorry for lack of posts lately. Both me and Alanah have been really busy working for our a-levels. But don't worry its finally the Christmas Holidays! and I thought I'd do one sneaky Christmas post before Christmas is over. So here's a little help for buying Christmas presents for any girls in your life, like your mum, sister, friend. Most of these items are pretty cheap and could probably go in a stocking, hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.

Small Bag | Primark £6
I think a small bag to just keep some money and your phone in, is essential for any girl whether your on a night out, or away on holiday at some point you'll need a smaller bag you don't need to carry the entire contents of your home in. This particular one I purchased a while ago from Primark, but they tend to have them in all year round.

 Makeup Brushes | Real Techniques (price ranges)
This present is ideal for anyone whose into makeup and beauty. You don't have to buy this particular brand of makeup brush you can change the brand depending on how much you want to spend. Some brushes come in multiple packs which can end up being cheaper than if you were to buy them each separate. However they can be quite expensive. 

Eyeshadow base | Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr £5
Eyeshadow bases are really coming into brands more, Maybelline's were one of the first I saw and I think they're amazing, they are very pigmented so if you wanted to wear them on their own they'd be fine and they last for a very long time because of this. Many high end brands now do similar products to the colour tattoo, such as YSL and Mac so if you wanted to spend a bit more their suggestions to purchase. 

Makeup Pallet's | Sleek & Naked beauty
Makeup Pallets are an ideal Christmas present for a girl who likes makeup, there are such a range  in different pallets from eyeshadow to lipglosses, and they all come in so many different colours. You can really choose this product to fit the person your buying for such, from the colours that suits their skin tone, to the beauty products they prefer, there are also some great drugstore as well as high end products so depending on how much your spending, you can have lots to choose from.

Mascara | Benefit and Chanel
Again another beauty item would be mascara's I recommend both of these the Benefit mascara is the most popular mascara bought at £19.50 its pretty pricey, but I have to say you can see why people pay this price. It really add's volume and lengthens your lashes and I would defiantly recommend this mascara. A waterproof mascara I'd recommend would be Chanel's Inimitable Waterproof Multi Dimensional Mascara. This again really adds volume and lengthens your lashes, but its also waterproof. However you can change the mascara depending on your preference and budget.

Nail Polish | No7 (Boots) £7
Nail Polish is a lovely present any girl would be happy to receive and with such a range in brands, prices and colours you can most definitely change which one to buy depending on your preference of what you think whoever your buying for will like best. Nail Polishes last a very long time which I find makes your money go a long way no matter how much you spend, so any brand and any price would be good.

Phone Cases | Apple
Again you can choose this product to what brand, colour and price applies best to whoever your buying for. Phone cases are one of the most varied products there is. However I would definitely recommend Apple as a phone case brand to by from, the cases aren't the cheapest I'll admit, however if your a completely clumsy like me and always drop your phone its worth the expense, there's a range of colours available too.

Tartan Scarf | Primark £4
Now I feel everyone needs a Tartan scarf for winter they go with pretty much anything and come in so many colours and many shops have come out with them at a range of prices this year. I found this particular one in Primark, and its actually pretty good quality the material isn't overly thick however as its pretty long when wrapped around you neck a few times its perfect.

Perfumes/Body-sprays | Soap & Glory/Zara (range in price)
Now this is perfect for any girl, because hey, everyone loves to smell nice. Many shops do some lovely Christmas scents one I particularly love using in Winter is this one by Zara, I kindly received it for my birthday this year, its a very warming scent but not overly strong. Then a body spray I like using all year round would have to be 'Mist You' by Soap & Glory, it smells very fruity and is in a large bottle, its lasted me all year, and is a lovely fresh scent.

Thankyou for reading, I hope these gave you some inspiration on what to buy for some people, or present ideas for yourself. Let me know if you'd like to see reviews on any of these products of if I've missed anything out.
Merry Christmas!


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