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Christmas wishlist 2013 | Alanah's

Hello! So.. we haven't posted for a couple weeks - we have both been very busy with school so we apologize for that.  Now we are on our christmas holidays hopefully we will be posting more often! 5 days to go til christmas aaaaah!
Anyway, here is my christmas wishlist - I haven't really asked for a main present this year, just little bits but I hope I can give you inspiration (even though I know it may be a little late now!)


I have never tried a Naked Palette but always wanted to, I think that the third one looks really pretty and I love the pinky colors in it.

I absolutely love Soap & Glory mascaras but haven't tried this one so fingers crossed it's good!

I mentioned this in my makeup wishlist a while back and haven't got round to buying it again, so christmas is the perfect excuse!

4. Sleek Face Contour Kit (Light) | £6.49 
 Looking forward to trying this kit it looks beautiful!

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (‘Sweet Tart’ and ‘Sorbet') | £7.99
I've only had one of these and I loved it, so why not ask for a couple more ay?

6. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (‘Pink Punch’ ‘Peach Kiss’ ‘Mint Fresh’) | £2.99 
I had 2 of these.. and then left them in The Harvester (restaurant) aha, I loved them though!

Just my everyday eyeliner!

8. Jimmy Choo Perfume 40ml  | £33.50 
Perfect smell! I've tried a few samples of this and I love it so much. 


I haven't actually asked for this for christmas because I've only just found it, but I am planning on buying it after Christmas because I absolutely love it!

2. Gilly Hicks Red Plaid Bra | £14.99 at the moment!
I love this pattern so why not have it on a bra? Also Gilly Hicks bras are so so comfy and I recommend checking them out - they are all for sale at £14.99 at the moment!

3. Black Timberland Boots | Around £120 I think
I love Timberlands and have wanted them for aaaages. I decided to opt for the Black as I tend to wear much more black than brown. Also they're different to the original brown Timberlands which I like.  I think they will go with a lot of things and I am really looking forward to wearing them (If I get them)

4. Jewelry | Varied prices
I have asked for jewelry and given my mum a few examples of what I like just to give her an idea.  I just need a bit more really.. not too fussed what it is. (Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings...)

I have a grey one of these and I love it, it's not too cropped and the pattern is very pretty. The green one looks lovely too.  I have also just asked for 'tops' in general because my Mum is usually pretty good at picking things out for me.

6. Deena & Ozzy New Strappy Satchel | £30-£40 (Now out of stock)
I needed a smaller black bag as the one I have is pretty big, so this one will be great for going out shopping etc..


1.  New York wallpaper | Around £40 on eBay (but you can bid on them too)
I am wanting to redecorate my bedroom and I think this would look soo cool on a bedroom wall, I also love New York so why not!

2. Gift Cards (Topshop, Gilly Hicks etc)
There are a few things I would like to pick out myself so from other family members I thought it could be nice to get giftcards and then I can chose what I like.

3. Earphones
I just need some more because I keep breaking my old ones.. woooops!

4. Guitar Capo and Strings
Just need some new ones!

Mainly M&M's because they're my favourite, but I have also asked for some Lindors and Nerds.  They will make good stocking fillers I think.

6. Blonde highlights
Obviously I can't get these on christmas, just maybe a gift card or something - or a booking to get them done in a salon.  

7. TV box for my TV
I have a TV.. but no box for it so I can't actually watch anything on it at the moment haha..


Okay so that's everything!
Now obviously I am not going to get all of this, but I like to give a lot of options and this is for my whole family I presume.  Also, my Mum likes to give surprises at christmas so she doesn't get everything on our lists.

I hope that you can get some gift ideas for other people my age (16) from this, and also maybe some things for your list (even though it's a tad late now!).  I hope you enjoyed, 
Happy Christmas!


Disclaimer | I am not bragging in any way, also I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned in this post.

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