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Summer/Holiday fashion wish list | 2014

Hello Everyone! 
I hope you are all well and having a good start to June - supposedly the start of Summer!
So today I am here with a wishlist including some fashion items that I have my eye on or am looking to buy something similar too.  As you will see I have taken some items and given a few examples for them as I like a lot of things at the moment.. hahaha.  Now I have a lot of things that I have seen that I love however here are just a few of my favorites which I would love to purchase in time for the summer and before I go on holiday.  
Links to each item are linked throughout!
I hope you enjoy :)

First off is a white leather jacket!
I absolutely love my black leather jackets however I have found myself not wearing them as much as I would in the Autumn/Winter time as I am not keen on dressing so dark in the Summer.  Recently I have seen a couple of white leather jackets on clothing websites that I love however they mostly seem to be very expensive so I have found a couple of slightly cheaper alternatives that I am definitely looking into buying one of on my next pay day! 

First Jacket | Asos | £55
Second Jacket | Topshop | £48

White strappy sandals
 You may see a white trend occurring through this post... aha I absolutely love the white fashion trend that seems to be very popular at the moment - especially as it makes me looked more tanned! I love this style of sandals and have seen a few around but these are my favorites however the ones from boohoo are out of stock in my size at the moment so hopefully they will get some more in soon!

I love every pair of these as they are all different, and the first pair have a nice platform which would be a nice and comfy substitute for heels especially on holiday if you were going out for a meal!

First Pair | Boohoo | £25
Second Pair | Topshop | £22
Third Pair | Boohoo | £22

Summery Dresses!
At college we aren't really allowed to wear shorts... unless they're quite long which I don't really like and they definitely don't suit me! Haha, so dresses are the best thing to wear when it gets a bit hot as I don't really want to be sitting around in jeans when I could be getting a tan. 
 A couple of weeks ago me and Sarah went and tried on loaads of dresses (Including a few of the ones below) and I found that the 'smock dresses' suit me quite nicely and I am looking in to buying a few for college and for my holiday to Corfu in the summer as I think they'd be perfect! So here are a few that I am loving...

My favorite one is definitely the first one and I have already tried it on so that's something I am definitely going to be purchasing soon, but I love them all!  H&M has loads of affordable dresses which are really nice and light for the Summer.

1 | Topshop | £28
2 | Topshop | £28
3 | Topshop | £36
4 | H&M | £5.99
5 | H&M | £14.99

White denim High waisted shorts
I really want some white shorts because 1. They make me looked tanned and 2. They're just so pretty! These 2 pairs that I have found are both from Hollister and I can't really seem to find many high waisted pairs around at the moment.. as these 2 pairs are quite expensive I am hoping that somewhere like Topshop comes out with a nice pair soon!

1 | Hollister | £42
2 | Hollister | £42

High waisted 'Washed Black' Joni Jeans | Topshop | £36
I dont have a pair of these in grey yet and the other day I tried Sarah's on and I really liked them! Although they are not very summery they will still be great for when it's not so warm here in England!

Elephant Charm Choker Necklace | Ebay | £3.75
I've seen a few people wearing these and I used to wear things like it when I was little! I think they look really cute though and I've been loving shorter necklaces recently so this is pretty cheap and I would love to see if I can pull one off!

White 'Push em up' Bikini | Gilly Hicks | £34
(They also sell this on the Hollister website) Again... white makes me look tanned!  And a bit of push up is always nice when you don't have much hahah. 

And... that's everything!  Geeez, I'm going to be skint!
Let me know what your favorite thing on my list is, and what's on your wishlist for this Summer.
Also.. where are you going on holiday this year (If you are) let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
lotsa love

Disclaimer: None of the images used in this post are owned by me.  Links to where the photos have come from are attached to the descriptions.  Photos used are from:,,,, www, and

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